About Beingbar®


Beingbar® is one big contradiction. It’s a stylish brand for people who don’t care for brands (or want to care less about brands). Looking fashionable while remembering that it is more important to realize who you are without all those layers of ego and (self) created images. That is what the Beingbar® brand stands for.

Have you ever read or heard of the novel “Island” by Aldous Huxley? He paints a vision of the future on an island called Pala, whose inhabitants are extraordinarily mindful and present. One of the ways the islanders have accomplished this, is by making clever use of the native birds on the island, the Mynahs. These “reminder birds” imitate human voices and were taught to always remind the islanders of what matters most: “Attention!”..…”Here and Now!”.

Reminders of Being

At Beingbar® we believe that everyone could use a continuous reminder of “Being”. Being grounded, Being balanced. In this busy time of hyper-connectedness, social media, and “always on” mentality we sometimes tend to forget what really matters. For this purpose we created different ranges of fashionable reminders. Our beautifully crafted items are a fashionable equivalent of Huxley’s reminder birds. Whenever you feel distracted, lost or stressed, focus on your Beingbar® and pull your attention to where it belongs: always here now.

Our beautiful products are continuous “Reminders of Being” that remind you to keep your attention “Always. Here. Now.®”. Find peace of mind, while looking awesome!

Read more about how Beingbar® came to be

The founders of the Beingbar® brand are only human and felt a bit lost every now and then. After reading many books, sitting through meditation training and Mindfulness, taking yoga classes and so on, they slowly realized that all the theory and books point in the same direction, the same fundamental truth: Peace of mind is not found by reading more books, working harder or training. Peace of mind is already in everyone! With our easily distracted brain we just need to be reminded of it continuously.

It’s not practical to always carry a book around to remind you, let alone reading it whenever you are distracted from the present. Besides that it is very normal to like nice, beautifully crafted things, even though you understand that these things do not “add” anything to you or make you more complete. Beingbar is a fashion brand with nice looking items that remind you what really is important in your life: Always. Here. Now.®

The Beingbar® Philosophy

Stay present and focus on what matters while looking awesome!

Beingbar® Guiding Principles

  • Every Beingbar® product is a reminder to stay focused and present, through the words “Always. Here. Now.®” and/or through the Beingbar® brand name. This message will only stand out to people who value it. For others it is very well hidden
  • Products should never be produced by people under harmful or unhappy working conditions
  • Products should not knowingly harm people, animals or the environment. We call that “Care for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE”
  • Beingbar® products are “Consciously Plastic Free™”. The products and packaging are designed to minimizing waste, even if this means the packaging looks minimalistic
  • Any paper we use is recycled whenever possible. This applies for instance to the cardboard in our packaging and catalogues

Beingbar® Vision

Our Vision is to help more people find and keep a state of inner peace and balance, enabling them to focus on what really matters in their life, maximizing their potential.

Beingbar® Mission

Our mission is to create high quality, natural material-based, great looking products that remind people to keep their attention “Always. Here. Now.”

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