Beingbar® is Proud Supporter of Musicash @Musicashstar

Beingbar® is proud sponsor of the Musicash global Singing Contest!

Musicash is a Show that helps Singing Talent reach their Dreams! To enter the global contest, anyone can make a video of him/her singing, upload it on the Musicash website and compete for a spot in the Finale. And a chance to win a big Cash Prize to even further kickstart their Career. Team Beingbar is proud Sponsors of the competition! We support the Finalists with our Beingbar® Gear (Beinggear), as well as our Support. We are just as much Fans as Sponsors!

So, how does the Musicash Talent Show work?

There are 6 Elimination Rounds from now until November where prizes will be given to the top 48 contestants from every round. The 1st place winner from every round will earn a spot in the Grand Finale TV Show in November. 

The six 1st place elimination round winners will battle along side 6 more finalist, hand picked from the Musicash Platform by the expert judges and producers, in the Grand Finale TV Show in November.

At the Grand Finale prizes in a minimum amount of $80,000 will be split among the 12 finalists and the top 36 voted videos for the entire season! The 1st place Grand Finale winner of season 1 will be awarded The Title of “Musicash Star”, The Musicash Trophy and a minimum of $40,000. For more info on payouts for the grand finale places 2nd through 48th place. Please visit their website!

Support Musicash and the Contestants

Visit Musicash on their website at: Musicash.com or on Instagram at @musicashstar

Podcasts are available here