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Find the Perfect Sunglasses Shape for your Face. Round, Oval, Square, … We’ve got you covered!

When you consider buying your Sunglasses online, you might wonder what Sunglasses Shape is right for you. Know that we’ve got you covered! Whether you have an Oval, Diamond, Round, Rectangle (Square), V-Triangle or V-Shaped or Long Face type… There’s a Perfect pair of Sunglasses waiting for you.

Visit our Beingbar Sun Eyewear Shape Selector page here.

Oh, and if you’re buying Sunglasses Online for the first time and are worried that you don’t make the right selection, know that at Beingbar.com you can always send back your purchase if you believe you did not make the right decision. Worry Free, Hassle Free. Check the Returns page for the simple, transparent guidelines around product Returns! Don’t worry, we’re in the business of turning you into Fans of Beingbar® 🙂

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