The 8 reasons why Bamboo is the best material for Sunglasses

At Beingbar® we choose to craft our Sun Eyewear from Bamboo as main material. This is a deliberate choice we made when we first started our Sunglasses brand. And why bamboo? Bamboo grows very fast and is very strong. It is used in most parts of the world for building (it is estimated that around one Billion people live in houses made from bamboo). People also craft the most wonderful products from bamboo. From clothing to furniture to disposables. We craft the best looking Beingbar® sunglasses from bamboo! In this article we explain the many reasons why we use this material, instead of using the more common plastics.

Bamboo sunglasses are very sustainable, and your best choice when you are looking for a new pair or shades, because:


  1. Bamboo is a lot more sustainable than Plastics or other fibre materials that are glued together with non-natural based materials
  2. It gives a great, Natural and Organic look
  3. It is very light weight so also very comfortable to wear
  4. No pesticides and herbicides are needed to protect bamboo from weed, insects, fungi or viruses. Besides the environmental impact of these chemicals, people are becoming more conscious of chemicals used in their foods, shampoos and other substances they come into contact with. A double win!
  5. Bamboo only requires Water and Sun to grow
  6. It grows incredibly fast. Some types of bamboo grow up to 90 cm. per day! We say that again: Almost one Meter Per Day!
  7. It regrows very easily. After the bamboo is harvested, the same plant continues to grow. No additional land or plant is needed to keep the production going. So no deforestation required
  8. Bamboo absorbs more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and produces up to 35% more Oxygen than most other plants and trees

Types of Eyewear: choose Consciously

When it comes to processing bamboo, there are two methods. There is the Mechanical processing and the Chemical processing. The latter is used more for extracting fibers, for instance for clothing. Beingbar® Sunglasses are crafted using the mechanically processed bamboo. After that the products are hand crafted.
So if you consider buying sunglasses, bamboo is your most sustainable choice and best for our planet. And if you are concerned with the working conditions of the people on our beautiful planet, Beingbar® is a great choice. If you visit our About page you will find the ground priciples we live by.