Beingbar® Eyewear Black Bamboo Tea Pol. Sunglasses 200214

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The Beingbar® Eyewear Black Bamboo Tea Polarized Sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful radiation from the sun, while looking stylish and unique. The range is designed to limit the use of plastic by using fast growing bamboo and/or wood elements. The result is a very natural, organic looking product. The lenses are of high quality and polarized, for additional contrast and lower light reflection. This elegant pair of sunglasses is equipped with high quality flex hinges, to maximize comfort and increase durability.

On the outside of the frame you will find the Beingbar B-monogram. On the inside of the frame we embossed the Beingbar® logo, with the words “always. here. now.®”, to always remind you of Being.

The Beingbar® Eyewear Sunglasses range is stylish, durable and modern looking. It was designed and hand crafted with care to always remind you of Being.

Beingbar® is one big contradiction. It’s a stylish brand for people who don’t care for brands (or want to care less about brands). Looking fashionable while remembering that it is more important to realize who you are without all those layers of ego and created images. That is what the Beingbar® brand stands for.

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Material side: Bamboo
Color side: Smooth Matt Black with light wood inside layer
Material front: Bamboo
Color front: Black with tea brown polarized lenses
Polarized lenses: Yes
UV protection UV 400
Flexible hinges: Yes
Size: Standard size: 51 [] 20 – 141
Weight: approx. 25 grams
Nett weight: approx. 25 grams
What’s in the box: Beingbar® Eyewear sunglasses | pouch | microfiber cloth | booklet
Article Number: 200214
Box dimensions: 75x160x40cm
Box weight: approx. 52 grams
FSC recycled paper: Yes
Consciously Plastic Free™ packaging: Yes
Meeting EU regulation 2016/425 standards Yes
Meeting ISO 12312-1 standards Yes
Meeting ANSI Z80.3-2001 (US) standard Yes
REACH (EU) compliant Yes
EU CE mark Yes


5 reviews for Beingbar® Eyewear Black Bamboo Tea Pol. Sunglasses 200214

  1. admin

    Will recommend!

  2. admin

    I ordered their Beingbar® Eyewear Black Bamboo Tea Pol. Sunglasses, they arrived quickly, and I am impressed with the quality. Also the fact that is was send plasticfree is really apealing. Nicely packed, like a present.

    Country : Deutschland

  3. admin

    Got my sunglasses today! They look extraordinary! High quality, color, and perfect size!

  4. admin

    My experience is buying Beingbar Black Bamboo Tea Pol. Sunglasses have been incredibly great. I also returned the pair of sunglasses that I really wasn’t happy with, and I got my exchange without any trouble.

  5. admin

    Would recommend to others! I ordered Beingbar® Eyewear Black Bamboo Tea Pol. Sunglasses and they are amazing. With the price!

    Country : Ireland

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