Beingbar® Eyewear wooden gift box 165*64*50mm 300105

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Beingbar® Eyewear wooden gift box 165*64*50mm 300105

No, unfortunately not including the really cool Beingbar® sunglasses in the picture 😉

But it is a wooden box to keep any pair of glasses or sunglasses safe. A nice variation to the standard plastic ones you see everyday!

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This hand crafted Beingbar® wooden box was made to store your Sunglasses or spectacles in. It is a nice natural alternative to the plastic and PVC cases you see everywhere.

The dimensions are 165 x 64 x 50mm. The Beingbar logo is engraved in the wooden lid. On the side you’ll find the Beingbar® monogram. On the inside there’s a thin layer of cloth to protect your frame and lenses. However, we recommend to always use a microfiber cloth or pouch to wrap your precious glasses in before placing it in this box.

NB: The pair of Sunglasses in some of the images are for inspirational purposes only and not included with this wooden box.

1 review for Beingbar® Eyewear wooden gift box 165*64*50mm 300105

  1. Vos

    I have several Beingbar sunglasses, big fan, and got annoyed with them lying around.
    Quality build box with magnetic lock. Fits two Aviator glasses. Looks cool. Not a traveling case.

    Country: NL

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