Beingbar® Eyewear Shape Selector

How do you select the perfect shape sunglasses for your your unique face?

Yes, it is possible to determine what type of shape sunglasses look best on your face! You can easily do that by looking at the Beingbar® Sun Eyewear Shape Selector chart. Although every face is unique, it is possible to distinguish and classify different shapes.

  • Look at your beautiful self in a mirror or in a picture and determine the shape of your face. Pay close attention to the cheek bones and chin
  • Then look at the below chart with different face shapes. What shape resemples your own face best?
  • Now look below what shapes of sunglasses match your face shape best.
  • Note that the Aviator-style model is an all-time classic for a reason! It generally fits any face shape and always looks awesome. In the Beingbar® range you will find many Aviator shaped models as they are among the most selected!

If you’re still in doubt, please remember that you can always buy Beingbar® sunglasses in different shapes and return the one that is least to your liking. Just make sure they are unused and undamaged. Another option is to send us a picture through the Contact Form and we will give you tailored advice for free!