March 4

BEINGBAR, The Sunglasses Brand That Goes Beyond Quality

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BEINGBAR, The Sunglasses Brand That Goes Beyond Quality

You have been on the lookout for a new pair of quality shades, but ​not sure which brand to go for? ​You might have tried on shades from the so-called “big brands” ​but can't find anything that is truly unique and inspiring?

Do you perhaps prefer to wear something beyond just eyewear, relating to your personality, from a brand with a distinct message?

A Different Choice, Beyond Product Quality

It really could be overwhelming and difficult making the right choice of sunglasses among the thousands of models available out there. As it stands, you do not care so much about brands, but still want to look fashionable? And wouldn’t you want to wear conscious products, distinguishing you from the pack?

So, what if we told you that there exist beautiful products that serve their purpose, not just functionally as any product would, but give you something additional at no extra cost?

Introducing, Beingbar, an eyewear brand that goes the extra mile in creatively making functional products with an icing on the cake. While not compromising quality as most brands, they tell a unique story that others do not.

Creating Products with You in Mind

A stylish brand with quite a contradictive message, Beingbar adopts an innovative approach to creating fashionable products with the user’s satisfaction prioritised: They redirect the attention of people to what actually matters – the importance of being conscious of who they are, staying fully in the present and relishing every moment of it. The brands and their imposed identities aren’t what matters.

The founders of Beingbar through research discovered a fundamental truth known from ages past that peace of mind is not found in certain activities but deep cited in everyone and this stems from living in the present moment. The Beingbar brand then consciously created nice looking products with a mission to continuously remind you of this truth.

Reminders of Being

It is quite easy for the human mind to wander back and forth into the past and future, perhaps worried about what wasn’t done well or what is to be done, consequently leading to distractions and stress. This then eventually results in the mind forgetting what actually matters instead of being grounded and balanced.

The Beingbar products are “Reminders of Being”, continuously sending a subtle reminder to focus on what matters, pulling your dear attention to where it should be: Always. Here. Now. This resonates with the brand’s vision geared towards helping you enjoy inner peace, redirect your focus to what’s most important, and maximise your potential.

Mindful Choices in Eyewear, Heralding What Matters

In the search for products or brands for the choice of eyewear that fits your specifications, it is normal to like or prefer a lot of options to others based on features they possess, but you would agree that these things do not “add” to you or make you more complete.

The Beingbar brand beautifully crafts great looking products with their simple, yet unique mantra, “Always. Here. Now.” inscribed on every design, subtly reminding you of what is most important and matters to you – staying fully in the present.

Beingbar is a choice that inculcates its outstanding philosophy, (“Stay present and focus on what matters while looking awesome!”) in you at every sight and use of its product. Not just what any big brand does.

Exceptional Design, Standing You Out

Beingbar products possess a rare and unique design. They relate to your personality and make you stand out confidently being you. These fashionable ranges of crafted designs single you out from the crowd.

Some Special Beingbar Design Features and Characteristics

Let’s explore some of the special features and characteristics of the Beingbar’s unique products:

  1. Creatively Handcrafted with Utmost Care

Beingbar products are creatively made with the hands. This endows each of them with grand uniqueness. The products are made under suitable and good working conditions with the care that extends to everything and everyone in the environment.

  1. Natural Material-Based

Here’s yet another unique feature of Beingbar products. They are made from organic, natural materials to limit the use of plastics. Some models are made using fast-growing bamboo while some are made using wooden elements. This gives each model a feel and touch of distinctiveness.

  1. High-Quality Materials

Beingbar adopts the use of high-quality lenses to protect you from ultraviolet radiation and quality flex hinges to enhance the comfort and durability of its sunglasses.

  1. Reminders to Stay Present and Focused

Engraved on the product’s design is the brand’s unique message (Always. Here. Now.), reminding you to stay present and focused, finding inner peace while looking awesome.


Numerous Unique Choices

With the availability of different models in various shapes, colours, and designs to make a choice from, Beingbar offers you quality sun eyewear with a unique message.

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