Beingbar® Warranty

Our products are made of high quality material and hand crafted with care. This means that products can slightly differ from what you see in the pictures. For instance, Wood elements will always look different on one product compared to another. Even when it’s the same article number. That’s the beauty of natural and organic materials.
However, if you believe there is something wrong with your product, please notify us through the Contact form and we will always try to find a solution.

Outside the warranty:
Decoloring of metal, wood and leather. Decoloring is a natural phenomenon that happens when you use a product. Factors affecting decoloring are UV (sun) light, water, sun block, etc.

Also outside the Warranty: broken sunglasses hinges and other damage caused by stress. Sitting on your sunglasses in your car will break them. No matter how well we produce our products 😉

Can I return my Beingbar® purchases?

Yes, Of course you can!

Please make sure that:

  1. The products are sent back complete with box and all accessories
  2. The products are fully unused/unscratched etc. We need to be able to resell the products
  3. Notify us by contacting us through the Contact Form. Please mention the reason for returning, so we can learn from your feedback
  4. You will then receive a return code from Team Beingbar

1. Preparation

After notifying us (see above):
Place your item back into the box it came in.
Close the box and note the return code you received from Team Beingbar (check your SPAM folder if you did not recieve it).

2. Packaging

Write and stick your return label on the return parcel. Please be sure it fully covers the old postage label.
Seal your return parcel securely so it doesn’t get damaged on the way back.

3. Return

That’s it; you’re ready to return it.
The next step just depends on the carrier you chose for delivery:
Bring it to the post office, pay the shipping fee
Tip: make sure to ask for a receipt as proof of having returned the parcel.

4. Refund

Once we’ve received your returned parcel, we’ll send you a confirmation email.
As soon as we’ve received and processed your return, we’ll immediately issue a refund, within 24 hours.
We always try to pay you back through the same payment method as you chose when you placed your order. If this is not possible we will inform you by email.