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Revealed: 3 Ways How ​Your New ​Sunglasses ​Can Make a Difference ​​Right This Summer!

WARNING! ​​Avoid Buying ​Expensive, Polluting and "Samey" Sunglasses, Before Reading This...

​Does This Describe You:

  • You are ​Creative and Entrepreneurial
  • You are ​a Free​ Mind
  • ​​You want to get the absolute most from ​​life
  • ​​You want to ​maximize your potential
  • ​​You ​don't just follow others and blend in
  • ​​​Unlike the masses ​you choose quality over quantity
  • ​​​​You ​take care of yourself ​and the world around you

Then You Are Like Us!

Join a movement of like-minded people and free minds. We reach our goals and dreams in life, by focusing on one thing: the one step we take right now.

We don't get distracted. ​We don't follow. We make our own choice about what's best for us and for our world.

Here's Everything You Need To Know, Including...

  • ​The truth about ​why, with ​BEINGBAR®, you will not contribute to our world's waste problem with ​​shades that are plastic-free by design. And how your ​choice leads to waste clean-up initiatives through donations!
  • ​​Find out how the "hand-​built-with-love principle" ensures small quantities of unique products, making you finally stand out from the rest of the crowd at ​every (beach) party!
  • ​The absolute best built-in features​ that will significantly extend your ​BEINGBAR® shades' product life and thus prevent ​them from littering landfills or the environment
  • The easy-to-​apply, sure-fire way how you will ​​get the most from life, by focusing on every single moment with one secret feature. ​Enjoy the ​​special moments with your friends and loved ones!
  • ​Learn how ​BEINGBAR® products have premium features, like polarized lenses, that remove glare and make you see clearer. And at NO additional cost for you!
  • ​Discover ​the difference in materials used, like fast-growing bamboo and wood, that replace as much plastic as possible. So you ​minimize your contribution to our waste problem!
  • The undisclosed secret why many free and creative ​minds, including musicians, choose ​BEINGBAR® to express themselves
  • ​You will learn how your ​BEINGBAR® has all technical features you'd expect and more, but for an honest price without hidden upsells and premiums, so you can spend your hard-earned cash on other fun things!
  • ​Understand how the ​choice in materials leads to extremely light weight products and make them your most ​comfortable ​eyewear ever!

and more...

Did You Know... 

Did you know that most people just buy their boring, "samey" sunglasses on auto pilot, without even knowing it? Not making their true own choice, but just blindly following the uninspired and expensive offers of the "big brands"? Continuously buying what they want you to buy? Chances are you're one of them!

Did you know that most of the big brands out there primarily think about maximizing their profits, minimizing their costs of production, labor and materials at the expense of anything? Not about helping you or the world they pollute and harvest?

And did you know that you can make a true difference by making a conscious choice, Right Now? That you can make your own choice in sunglasses, that limit the use of plastics and that are built to last.  And not to replace and waste? Inspired products that are hand crafted using natural materials whenever possible?

Continue reading and we will reveal it all...

Do You Recognize This...

You might be thinking about buying new sunglasses for the upcoming season. And if you're not careful you will end upwearing exactly what everyone else is wearing, devoid of anything unique or special . Which at best means that you will blend in with the crowd, not standing out at all and not expressing your true self.​

​You'll probably end up with an expensive, but "samey", technically ok, run-of-the-mill, uninspired product that is not built to last en that will end up on a plastic landfill somewhere soon.
And that's when the "big brands" expect you to buy their next expensive pair...

Luckily for you there is now an alternative. An answer to every burning ​sunglasses-related question mark in your ​mind. A ​brand that puts you, your uniqueness and your happiness as the starting point, before everything else. With more personal products that are not mass produced, but hand crafted with care. To really last. And that limit the use of plastic wherever possible, in both product and packaging! Inspired products that even help you focus on consciousness...

Let me introduce you to ​BEINGBAR®! We're a small Sunglasses and Fashion Accessories brand ​from Amsterdam that put you and the environment first. With ​organic ​designs that make you ​stand out and enable you to truly express yourself​. And it doesn't end there: ​Your ​BEINGBAR® ​comes standard with ​many high grade premium features that ​other brands charge big premiums for.

Oh, and did we mention that ​they cost waaaaay less than most of the "big brands" out there?

​You're still in time to ​make your own choice ​and make a difference!

Trusted and Highly Recommended!


The highly motivated and inspired team behind our ​truly special ​BEINGBAR® Sun Eyewear and Accessories. In everything we do, we first think how we can benefit you and make your world better. We ​understand your passions and desires and we ​believe we know what needs to change in the world. We are committed to make a difference”.

​Warren Wines, MSc, BA

​BEINGBAR® Co-founder​

Chase Bell

​Singer-Songwriter/ ​Artist/ ​Music Producer

"I ​love Team Beingbar. They have some cool, cool glasses. I have a few of them right here. Make sure you go check 'em out!"

​Katie Ferrara

​Artist/ Singer/ Multi Talent

"I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE these glasses. I use them for driving everywhere to my gigs and I wear them to the beach. They're just really, really great and lightweight. And they look cool!"

YNG Mac Jay

​Rap/ Hip Hop Artist

​"​​​What I like most about these glasses, man, is that they make me feel like a true artist"

Katrina "Kat" Stuart

​​PopStar/ Artist/ Musician

​"​​A super cute sunglasses company from Amsterdam [...] and they're bamboo, which is super cool. Make sure you guys check them out!"

Tess Mon Pere

​​Artist/ Musician

​"​These sunglasses are crazy cute and made with natural materials... What more could a girl want?"

Katrina "Kat" Stuart

​​PopStar/ Artist/ Musician

​​"​Go get yourselves a pair. They're environmentally friendly and they're also really, really cool!"

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Quickly Select Your OwnBEINGBAR® ​Right Here:

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​Handcrafted with love & care and therefore Very ​Limited Quantities.

​"​BEINGBAR® exclusive shades are not mass produced, so available in limited quantities. Gone means Really Gone!”

Current ​Avg. Inventory Level

Advantages vs Disadvantages:

To help you make your decision if ​BEINGBAR® ​really is for you, ​we took the Pros and Cons put together in a recent product review on a review site:

The Pros List

  • Very Light Weight Products. You barely feel them while you're wearing them.
  • Unique Organic Designs, really stand out and "pop!".
  • Polarized Lenses: except for a few exceptions, all models have polarized lenses. Not as upsell, like most ​other brands.
  • ​High quality features, extending the product life significantly
  • Story/philosophy anyone can support 100%
  • Worldwide shipping
  • The products ship Plastic-free and limit the use of plastic

The Cons List

  • Like most other sunglasses, the lenses can scratch from sand (while ​we wear them at the beach!).
  • Direct contact with certain types of sunblock can affect the lens coating (this ​was mentioned in the product description though).
  • The bamboo elements are thin, so you should not sit on them in the car! (doh!).


​If you ​consider not to take this deal right now, that's of course fine! But you should remember that the cash voucher is an exclusive offer only available on this page. It expires when you leave this page.  ​​Besides that, the ​BEINGBR® model you love so much, ​might not be available anymore later!

With our money-back guarantee, this is a risk-free no brainer!​


  • This promotion is valid for a limited time only. We can ​not guarantee supply for a certain model as quantities are low (hand ​built products!). If a ​model is just sold out at the moment of your purchase we'll contact you by email
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