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The Ultimate Conscious and Sustainable Eyewear

BEINGBAR® Eyewear puts you and the world we all live in as the starting point, before anything else. With personal products that are not mass produced, but hand-made with care, to really last. We limit the use of plastics wherever possible, in both product creation and packaging! 

Only here you will find truly inspired products that spread the BEINGBAR® message: to make the most of every-single-moment of your life. Maximizing your potential. Find the secret message hidden in your Beingbar, in the words "Always. Here. Now.®".

We are your "truly different" sunglasses brand that put you and the environment first. With designs that make you stand out and look awesome. Your BEINGBAR® comes standard with many premium features that other brands charge big premiums for.

Oh, and did we mention that they cost waaaaay less than most of the "big brands" out there?


Always more than 60 different models available!

"The Ultimate Conscious and Sustainable Sunglasses"

"Premium features come standard, like polarized lenses!"

Beingbar Eyewear Model 13

"A cool, not-in-your-face message to make the most of every single moment"

As seen on:

As seen on NBC
Seen on ABC
Seen on USA today
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  • "Premium" features come standard
  • Polarized lenses
  • Sustainable by design
  • Ultra light weight
  • Handcrafted and unique
  • Shipped 100% plastic-free

Why You Choose BEINGBAR® Sun Eyewear:

  • The truth about why, with BEINGBAR®, you will not contribute to our world's waste problem with shades that are Plastic-Free by design. And how your choice leads to waste clean-up initiatives through donations. You can make the difference!
  • Find out how the "hand-crafted-with-love principle" ensures small quantities of unique products, making you finally stand out from the rest of the crowd at every (beach) party!
  • The absolute best built-in features (like spring hinges) that will significantly extend your BEINGBAR® shades' product life and thus prevent them from littering landfills or the environment
  • The easy-to-apply, sure-fire way how you will enjoy every single moment, with one ingenious feature. You will make the most out of the special moments with your friends and loved ones!
  • Learn how BEINGBAR® products have premium features, like Polarized lenses, that remove glare and make you see clearer. And at NO additional cost for you!
  • Discover the difference in materials used, like fast-growing bamboo and wood, that replace traditional plastics. So you minimize your contribution to our plastic waste problem by making a conscious choice!
  • The undisclosed secret why many creative artists and musicians choose BEINGBAR® to express themselves
  • You will learn how your BEINGBAR® has all technical features you'd expect and more, but for an honest price without hidden upsells and premiums, so you can spend your hard-earned cash on other fun things!
  • Understand how the conscious choice in materials leads to extremely light weight products and make them your most comfortable eyewear ever!
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