BEINGBAR Eco Eyewear “MODEL 30” Shades 200253 

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BEINGBAR Eco Eyewear “MODEL 30” Shades 200253


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The Ultimate Sustainable and Conscious Bamboo “Model 30” Sunglasses
BEINGBAR® Sun Eyewear “Model 1” sunglasses are designed and handcrafted just for you. And they’re truly different! Yes, they are technically perfect, and they protect your eyes against UV radiation from the sun (like most sunglasses out there…). But that’s not what makes your BEINGBAR® so special…

Natural, organic-looking shades
They look incredibly stylish and truly unique. The range is specifically designed to limit the use of plastics by using natural elements whenever possible. Like fast-growing bamboo, wood and/or ecotate™ elements. The result is a distinctly different, natural, organic-looking product. Unlike any other. Just like you!

Polarized lenses and premium features included for free
The high-quality lenses are polarized, for additional contrast and lower light reflection. These shades (sunglasses) are equipped with high-quality flex hinges, to maximize comfort, increase durability and overall product life. This means you’ll enjoy your BEINGBAR® shades for a very long time because they were truly built to last!

On the outside of the frame you will find the BEINGBAR® B-monogram. On the inside of the frame we embossed the BEINGBAR® logo, with the words “Always. Here. Now.®” to remind you to enjoy every single moment of your life and maximize your potential.

Join the BEINGBAR® movement!

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