The BEINGBAR® Philosophy

With BEINGBAR® You Make The Most Of Every Single Moment Of Your Life and Maximize Your Potential By Focusing On What Truly Matters (while looking awesome!)

BEINGBAR® Guiding Principles

We make the Ultimate Conscious and Sustainable Sunglasses and Fashion Accessories. With sustainable, natural materials and true principles.

Every BEINGBAR® product is a reminder to make the most of every single moment of your life and thus to maximize your potential. Our tag line message (“Always. Here. Now.®”) can be found in every design and is a testiment of that life philosophy.

(Go see if you can find it! It might be difficult to find at first...)

  • The BEINGBAR® life philosophy is hidden in every design. It's there if you look for it. The purpose of the message is to make the most of your life and to maximize your potential
  • BEINGBAR® products should never be produced by people under harmful or unhappy working conditions
  • BEINGBAR® products and their creation should not knowingly harm people, animals or the environment
  • Any paper we use is recycled whenever possible. This applies for instance to the cardboard in our packaging and catalogues
  • The Eco range of BEINGBAR® eyewear is “Consciously Plastic Free™” certified. The products and packaging are designed to minimizing waste, even if this means the packaging looks minimalistic


Our Vision is to help evermore people on this world to maximize their potential by making the most of every single moment of their lives and focus on what truly matters. Every awesome product and design we make is engineered to spread that message.


Our Mission is to create high quality, natural material-based, great looking products that remind people to make the most of every single moment of their lives by focusing their attention and keeping it “Always. Here. Now.®

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