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"The Ultimate Conscious ​and Sustainable Sunglasses and Accessories. Hand-built with Natural Materials and True Principles..."

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We continue to ship your online orders!
Note that we take special care in the current COVID-19 era. Besides the standard cleaning we always do before packing and shipping, we now disinfect your products with an alcohol-based disinfectant. And besides that we handle every product with sterile gloves. 

This ensures you enjoy your BEINGBAR this season and stay 100% safe!

"​What I like most about these glasses, man, is that they make me feel like a true artist"                             

"I love Team BEINGBAR. They have some cool, cool glasses. I have a few of them right here. Make sure you go check 'em out!"

The BEINGBAR ​Principles

​"We ​build the Ultimate ​conscious and sustainable sunglasses and accessories. With ​sustainable, natural materials and true principles. And with premium features, for half the price you'd expect. Who else can honestly say that?"
  • Your Sunglasses ​should always be technically perfect. Beyond ​what they ​​need to do. And beyond what others do
  • No hidden upsells for features that are required for your full enjoyment and for durability
  • The gear you wear should be made with ​real principles, no window dressing. ​Its creation limits environmental impact and ​respects people
  • ​​You wear BEINGBAR​ ​as a statement, a message. ​You go beyond the ​standard and maximize your potential. ​You​ always raise your ​(BEING)BAR
  • ​​​What the BEINGBAR® brand stands for should fit you just as perfectly as our gear itself

You're free to choose. So choose consciously and sustainably





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"​The Ultimate Conscious and ​Eco-Friendly Sunglasses and Accessories"

Chase Bell

​Singer-Songwriter/ Artist / Music Producer

BEINGBAR Eyewear Testimonials:

"I love Team BEINGBAR. They have some cool, cool glasses. I have a few of them right here. Make sure you go check 'em out!"

YNG Mac Jay

​​Rap/ Hip Hop Artist

"What I like most about these glasses, man, is that they make me feel like a true artist"

Katie Ferrara

​​Artist/ Singer/ Multi Talent

​​"I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE these glasses. I use them for driving everywhere to my gigs and I wear them to the beach. They're just really, really great and lightweight. And they look cool!"

​​Tess Mon Pere

Artist/ Musician

​​"​These sunglasses are crazy cute and made with natural materials... What more could a girl want?"

Katrina (Kat) Stuart

​PopStar/ Artist/ Musician

​​"A super cute sunglasses company from Amsterdam [...] and they're bamboo, which is super cool. Make sure you guys check them out!"

Marissa and Ross Calasin

Artist/ Musician/ Manager

​​"​Go get yourselves a pair. They're environmentally friendly and they're also really, really cool!"

​​"Recommended and Trusted!"

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Elyse Music Itselysemusic wearing BEINGBAR sunglasses

​​"Kind of obsessed with my @teambeingbar sunglasses [...] y'all gotta get yourself a pair of these 😍😍  (itsmeelysemusic on Insta)

​"Best glasses out there! 🤩" (ayana_butterfly on Insta)

"Super cute and environmentally friendly...my fave​ 🤩💋✨" (tessmonpere on Insta)

Zinnia Moon wearing BEINGBAR Eyewear Polarized Sunglasses

​"Obsessed with these shades" (itsmeelysemusic on Insta)

"Ok, just this packaging alone though ​😍 " (itsmeelysemusic on Insta)

​"Stormy day on Texel, with my awesome @teambeingbar sunglasses" (ankevw82 on Insta)

​"Rocking my @teambeingbar sunglasses today" (marissa.calasin on Insta)

Tess Mon Pere wearing BEINGBAR

"[...] the weather is just perfect here and I rode a bike all around the beach with my ​BEINGBAR sunglasses 🕶" (Katie Rose Ferrara on FB)

BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear Model 32 ItsMeElyseMusic

"Taking some sun in today and enjoying my new BEINGBAR sunglasses and brac[e]let! 💖 them" (itsmeelysemusic on Insta)

"The Ultimate Conscious Sunglasses and Accessories" (Rutger Vos on FB)

"S/O to @teambeingbar for THE DOPE GLASSES" (steveray803 on Insta)

BEINGBAR Model 5 purple Aviators

Why You Choose BEINGBAR® Sun Eyewear:

  • The truth about ​why, with ​BEINGBAR®, you will not contribute to our world's waste problem ​with ​shades that are Plastic-Free by design*. And how your ​choice leads to waste clean-up initiatives through donations. You can make the difference!
  • ​​Find out how the "hand-built-with-love principle" ensures small quantities of unique products, making you finally stand out from the rest of the crowd​!
  • ​The absolute best built-in features (like spring hinges) that will significantly extend your ​BEINGBAR® shades' product life and thus prevent ​them from littering landfills or the environment!
  • The easy-to-​apply, sure-fire way how you will get the most from every single moment, with one ingenious feature. ​Maximize those special moments with your friends and loved ones!
  • ​Learn how ​BEINGBAR® products have premium features, like Polarized lenses, that remove glare and make you see clearer. And at NO additional cost for you!
  • ​Discover ​the difference in materials used, like fast-growing bamboo and wood, that replace traditional plastics. So you ​minimize your contribution to our plastic waste problem by making a conscious choice!
  • The undisclosed secret why many creative artists and musicians choose ​BEINGBAR® to express themselves
  • ​See how your ​BEINGBAR® has all technical features you'd expect and more, but for an honest price without hidden upsells and premiums, so you can spend your hard-earned cash on other fun things!
  • ​Understand how the conscious choice in materials leads to extremely light weight products and make them your most ​comfortable ​eyewear ever!

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“​​WE ARE T​EAM ​BEINGBAR. The highly motivated and inspired team behind your ​​Ultimate Conscious Sunglasses and Accessories. In everything we do, we first think how we can benefit you and make your world better. We ​understand your passions and desires and we ​believe we know what needs to change in the world. We are committed to make a difference”. ​

​Warren ​J., MSc, BA

​BEINGBAR® Co-founder​