Love Sustainable Fashion and Sunglasses?

"Finally You Can Choose Gear and SUNGLASSES That Make You FEEL AS AWESOME As They MAKE YOU LOOK!"

Highest Quality Polarized Eyewear and Accessories, Made With Natural Materials And True Principles

  • The Ultimate Conscious and Sustainable Sunglasses and Accessories
  • Made With Real Principles, No Window Dressing. Limiting Environmental Impact and Respecting People
  • "Why Are Sunglasses So Expensive?!" - Well, These Aren't!
  • The Highest Quality Polarized Eyewear
  • Technically Perfect, Beyond What They Need To Do. And Beyond What Others Do
  • No Hidden Upsells For Features That Are required For Full Enjoyment And For Durability

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"What I like most about these glasses, man, is that they make me feel like a true artist"                             

"I love Team BEINGBAR. They have some cool, cool glasses. I have a few of them right here. Make sure you go check 'em out!"

"I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE these glasses. I use them for driving everywhere to my gigs and I wear them to the beach. They're just really, really great and lightweight. And they look cool!"                             

"A super cute sunglasses company from Amsterdam [...] and they're bamboo, which is super cool. Make sure you guys check them out!"

Who Are We?

"We build the Ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses and accessories. With sustainable, natural materials and true principles. And with premium features, for half the price you'd expect. Who else can honestly say that?"

Highest Quality

Your BEINGBAR Sunglasses should always be technically perfect. Beyond what they need to do. And beyond what others do

Maximum Features

No hidden upsells for features that are required for your full enjoyment and for durability

True Principles

The gear you wear should be made with real principles, no window dressing. Limiting environmental impact and respecting people

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