Beingbar® Buy The Best Fashion Bracelets Online

Fashion Bracelets, made from high quality Stainless Steel and Leather

Beingbar® Bracelets are designed to be stylish and durable and fit with any outfit, from casual to Business Casual. They are made from high quality Stainless Steel and Leather. There are many different models, from polished steel to matt. And in different colors and finishing. Most models close with a magnetic seal lock mechanism, which is easy to open when you want it to while being secure enough to never lose your Beingbar

Hand Crafted with Care and Attention

Beingbar® fashion bracelets are carefully Hand Crafted with Care and Attention. It carries the iconic Beingbar® logo and monogram on the outside, as well as the words “Always Here Now®” hidden on the inside.

The range of Beingbar® bracelets is stylish, durable and modern looking. It was designed to always remind you of Being.

Beingbar® is one big contradiction. It’s a stylish brand for people who don’t care for brands (or want to care less about brands). Looking fashionable while remembering that it is more important to realize who you are without all those layers of ego and created images. That is what the Beingbar® brand stands for.