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The Ultimate Conscious and Exclusive Bracelets and Accessories

We create exclusive, high-quality fashion accessories and we are particularly proud of our conscious, hand-crafted bracelets. They are made with materials of the highest quality, such as stainless steel and organic leather. You easily lock your stylish bracelet with a magnetic seals. This means that there are fewer moving parts, which extends you BEINGBAR bracelet's product life. It is truly built to last!

Hand-crafted and conscious bracelets that are produced with our world in mind

Our hand-crafted, conscious bracelets are not mass produced, but made in very small runs with the greatest care. It is our mission to put you and the world we live in first. We therefore limit the use of plastics and try to use as natural elements in designing the BEINGBAR bracelets and sunglasses. You will therefore receive an aesthetically-pleasing product that looks distinctly different, natural and organic. Our bracelets are unlike any other, just like you! With our truly different, conscious bracelets, we aim to inspire you to enjoy every single moment and live up to your potential.


  • Hidden BEINGBAR® Message
  • High quality stainless steel
  • High quality leather
  • Magnetic seal lock system
  • Comes with a hand-sewn protective pouch
  • Shipped 100% plastic-free

Our hand-crafted BEINGBAR bracelets fit your entire wardrobe

Our stylish BEINGBAR bracelets have a distinct look by design which you will immediately recognize its uniqueness when you see one. This great looking piece fits your entire wardrobe and matches with both your daily casual as a full business look. You will also receive an elegant hand-sewn microfiber pouch to keep your new bracelet safe. This pouch will surely expand your bracelet’s product life. Your new bracelet is engraved with our logo with the B-monogram on the outside and our trademark “Always. Here. Now.” on the outside. Join the BEINGBAR movement...

Pick your favourite item and join the movement

Either pick on of our most selected conscious bracelets or pick your own favourite hand-crafted item. We ship our accessories and eyewear to every location worldwide. Do you have any questions about or products or shipping methods? Feel free to reach out to our team by sending an email to or by using the contact form and fire away!

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