Natural sunglasses

Natural materials

Maximum features

True principles

You will surely find the perfect pair of natural sunglasses at BEINGBAR. All our products come with the premium features you need, at no additional costs. Besides, we aim to limit the negative impact on the world we live in. The result is an extremely conscious pair of shades that allows you to enjoy every single moment!

Natural sunglasses that are hand-crafted with fast-growing bamboo

When you order natural sunglasses from our independent sunnies brand, you are assured of our ‘crafted-with-real-principles’ guarantee. This means that your sunglasses are handmade with respect for both humans and animals. The production of your shades takes place under fair working conditions and only in small quantities. We only use natural materials, such as bamboo and wood, and ship your order with sunglasses 100% plastic free. You will therefore not contribute to the world’s plastic problem with your new pair of shades. This makes them presumably the coolest sunglasses out there. Our sunnies are suitable for both boys and girls!

Benefit of the lowest global shipping rates

With our natural sunglasses, conscious fashion, and high-quality bracelets, you will soon feel just as awesome as you look. Your order will be shipped to any location worldwide at the lowest global shipping rates. Do you have any questions about your order or is there something else you want to share with us? We would love to hear from you at