Sunglasses for girls

Natural materials

Maximum features

True principles

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for girls and women. They are the final addition to your outfit and can be styled in any way you like it. In addition, BEINGBAR sunglasses are made with the best interest of people, our planet, and the environment in mind. This is why we solely use organic materials such as fast-growing bamboo and recycled plastics to create the most fashionable, conscious eyewear for girls!

What kinds of sunglasses are available for girls?

The shape and model of your shades are a very personal choice that mostly depends on your overall fashion style. If you want to complete a grungy, biker look, we’d love to suggest aviator shades to complete the look. For a mermaid who loves the sea, there is a complete collection with the best surfer sunglasses to finish your laidback surfer chick look. Every season we have a small collection of trendy sunglasses for girls that premiered at the major fashion shows in Paris, New York, and Milan. We also have an extensive collection of sunglasses for boys.

Order your favorite pair of shades in the web shop

Have you found the perfect pair of shades in our web shop? Then do not hesitate to place your order! We ship our BEINGBAR sunnies worldwide. When you place your order, we immediately start to process it, so you can enjoy your cool sunglasses in a few days’ time. Do you have any questions about our company, or would you like to know the status of your order? Contact our support desk by sending an email to