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Surfer Sunglasses


Best 'Surfer Sunglasses' in the world

When people talk about 'Surfer Sunglasses', what do they mean exactly? Do they mean a specific brand of shades that surfers wear when they ride their waves? Or is it a particular style of sunglasses that has that beach vibe going on? Not specifically for surfers only, but merely associated with the cool surfers' lifestyle? 

Hope you're feeling amped, as we take a deep dive into surfer's territory to find out for you. Prepare to understand all there is to know about Surfer Sunglasses...

Ultra lightweight

Surfer sunglasses are sunglasses that have all the benefits of outdoor sports sunglasses. They need to be lightweight, like the sunglasses that for instance outdoor runners wear. Some sports sunglasses weigh around 17 to 20 grams only, which is ultra lightweight. You need to be able to focus on your performance. And not think too much about any discomfort that standard shades can potentially bring. So no excess weight allowed!

Important features in sunglasses for surfers

Important features in sunglasses for surfers

Perfect fit shades for riding your waves

Another specific requirement for surfer sunglasses is that they need to fit extraordinarily well. Just like with the weight requirement mentioned before, you need them to stay on while you turn and manoever on your board. It is almost impossible to fully prevent your shades from coming off at all in the heat of the moment. But for emergencies we recommend you use specific sports retainers. The point is that you should always wear surfer shades with a perfect fit.

Surf sunglasses with strap

Looking for surfer suglasses with a strap? These are called retainers, and there are some ultra cool retainers on the market. And as a surfer you should always combine functionality with style. So make sure you go for a print that matches the print of your board. Or your outfit. Croakies, for instance, come in more prints than you can imagine. From different colors camo prints, to flashy 90s prints to all kinds of animals and patterns. Croakies are by far the best surfer sunglasses retainers out there.

Polarized surf shades

Perhaps the most important feature besides UV protection is polarized lenses. You should know that the surface of the ocean you surf on has a unique ability to reflect the sunlight back to you. And with increased intensity. This means that whatever sunlight is already present, will be amplified when it hits your eyes. Any UV 400 shades will fully protect you from the UVA and UVB rays. But the amplified rays can be so strong that you have this constant bright glare in your eyes.

UV 400 Protection sunglasses label

UV 400 Protection sunglasses label

The glittery reflection can be maddening at times. Aspecially when you scan the horizon for the best waves for hours upon hours on end. Polarized lenses filter the horizontal light reflection only, which makes you see a lot clearer. And without the glare. Sunglasses from BEINGBAR Eyewear always have these premium lenses while not charging a premium for this feature. A feature you should not just consider as a surfer. You definitely need it!

Sunglasses for surfers

Sunglasses for surfers

Oakley watersport sunglasses

There are good shades from Oakley that some surfers like to wear. They are made in the US with Oakley's 'Plutonite Lenses' that offer 100% UV Protection of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. These are top notch outdoor sports shades for people who go for the best. The only downside is the hefty price tag for this premium brand. And some people consider the design to be very distinct. Some people call them goggles for surfing, which expalins their look and feel perfectly. But if you do not matter too much how you look. you should definitely go for these. They have the functionalities any surfer dude or surfer girl would want.

Surf shop sunglasses

But what if you are looking for sunglasses that also look the part? Surely your shades need to have all premium features described above. They need to be have 100% UV protection. They need to be flexible and fit perfectly. They need to have polarized lenses and be ultra lightweight. You want all this but with a style that is fresh and stunning. From Aviator type models to Wayfarer inspired models. If you want functionality and style there is no better choice than BEINGBAR Eyewear

Surfer shades with natural materials

BEINGBAR shades have bamboo temples to minimize the use of plastics. You definitely need to avoid littering the ocean with yet another piece of plastic! Ocean plastic and plastic pollution is one of our generation's biggest problems. Showing the style of your gear to be natural and organic will remind everyone what matters most... We all should fully enjoy our oceans but without leaving prints. And surely you need to prevent your shades from falling off (read: use retainers!) but in case they do fall off, you need to make sure they do not spend the next couple of decades roaming the ocean floor. A truly eco-friendly choice.

Brands, features and style are important for surfer sunglasses

Brands, features and style are important for surfer sunglasses

Women's surf sunglasses

Are you specifically looking for surf sunglasses for women? You can rest assured that you should not be concerned too much about male versus female models. If you want functionality and features only, you should focus on the right size and featuresa as described above. However, if you want to look stylish and cool during surfing and not like a Barney* you can now choose the best looking unisex eyewear. Just focus on what model(s) you love and the designs are made to fit you perfectly. Regardless of gender. Choose from any variety of shades.  

Surfer sunglasses brands to consider

some brands that are marketed to surfers are Quicksilver, O'Neill, and Dragon. These shades are all comfortable to wear. Make sure you pick a model with polarized lenses.

Quicksilver sunglasses

You have come to the end of this post about Surfer Sunglasses. You have read about the features and styles you should keep in mind when you are looking for the right awesome surfer eyewear. Not just for the best surfing performance, but also to stand out and express yourself as the ocean loving, wave riding board artist that you are. 

Read more about quality sunglasses in our blog

Read more about quality sunglasses in our blog

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