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What Is The Meaning Of Polarized Sunglasses?


While looking for your new pair of sunglasses, sports goggles, or any eyewear, you may stumble upon the word “polarized”. So are you interested to know what the meaning is of polarized sunglasses ​and how they work? You’ll read all about it right here. About what is means, how it works, and how useful it can be to own a pair of sunglasses that are polarized. Let’s take a look…

The meaning of Polarized sunglasses

Well, to know what ​polarization is, we will start with the basics. We know that light waves are ​multi-dimensional, which means they travel in various directions. ​When these light waves ​hit a reflective surface, such as water, metal or any polished surface, they can become more ​bundled and horizontally aligned. The light becomes what we call “polarized”. 

So when you look in the direction of ​such a reflective surface these waves bounce back right into your eyes. This is annoying when you need to focus. For example driving your car during the day or during water sports or skiing. But is can also be harmful to ​the lenses of your eyes. These waves can cause sunburn to your eyes, cause snowblindness or cause accidents when you can’t see clear in traffic.

How do polarized lenses work?

So that covers the meaning of Polarized sunglasses. But according to search traffic, many people also wonder how polarized lenses work. Polarized lenses are the same kind of lenses as the ones in any other pair of specs or sunglasses. Often they are made from plastics or glass. However, these special lenses are treated with a special coating, a layer applied to them. This coating only allows vertical light through. This means that the horizontally light is filtered out. ​

The benefits of polarized lenses

​Polarized lenses make you see clearer in sunny environments. Extreme glare is caused by horizontal light reflection which is filtered out by these special lenses. But it’s not just that. You see clearer altogether because you normally don’t realize how often light is reflected by surfaces. You’re so used to ​reflective light that it doesn’t stand out to you anymore.

Until you try polarized lenses on. Right then and there you will notice the difference. It’s easy on the eyes and you see the world free of any distorting glare. Once you try them, you will not likely settle for standard sunglasses anymore.

What does polarization mean in sunglasses

Colored, polarized lenses

​If you combine polarized lenses with different colored lenses you can amplify the effect. According to research, blue lenses and brows lenses ​have the capacity to make you feel calmer and more at ease. Combine that with sharper vision through polarized lenses and no one can stop you!

Limitations ​of polarized Sunglasses

​Owning a pair of polarized sunglasses is ​great in many ways, as we have indicated. They make you see clearer by reducing glare. And they block harmful UV radiation. But is there any downside to this type of lenses? ​There is one minor setback, which is that the coating also blocks part of the light from digital devices.

For example the screen of your smartphone and tablet will show a ditorted view. Mildly flickering light, depending on the position you’re holding your device. Other objects that are more difficult to see, are car dashboard panels when light is limited. Therefore you should never wear polarized sunglasses while driving at dusk or at night.

Selfies and polarized sunglasses

​This also means that you need specific skills to take a good selfies while wearing polarized sunnies. Easily solved by taking as many shots as possible and selecting the best ones afterwards. Without shades

“​Never wear polarized shades while driving a car during dusk and at night. The available light will be blocked too much so see properly. And the polarizing coating can cause you to not see things like your dashboard panel. This can be dangerous.”

– ​Team BEINGBAR –

Differences in polarized lenses quality

Not all polarized lenses are the same. If you buy cheap polarized sunglasses, you might find that they only have one thin layer or polarizing coating on the lenses. In almost all cases only the outside of the lens.

​Can the polarized layer get damaged?

As with any coating on sunglasses, you should realize that after years of wearing them in certain environments, ​the coating will damage overtime. Corosive salty ocean enviroments will accelerate the process. Also cleaning your sunglasses excessively will eventually damage the palarizing layer. To extend the product life of your sunglasses, we recommend you only clean them with lukewarm water. No chemical or alcohol based cleaners. And watch out with sand, because it will scratch and damage the lens coating.

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So, this concludes this article about ​the meaning of Polarized sunglasses and polarized lenses in sunglasses. You have read what is does, how it works and about all the benefits for you. If you want to read another resource about polarization in eyewear, visit Wikipedia here.

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