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BEINGBAR Is Proud Supporter Of Musicash


BEINGBAR® supporting Musicash global singing contest

Musicash is a global music singing talent show that gives any singer from anywhere on the planet the chance to win a part of a $80,000 prize that they can invest in their music career. The Musicash talent has the goal of helping talented singers reach their dreams and aspirations. To enter the global contest, anyone can make a video of him/her singing, upload it on the Musicash website and compete for a spot in the Grande Finale.

Big cash price to kick start a singing career

The winners of the finale have a chance to win a big cash prize to even further kickstart their career. BEINGBAR is proud Sponsors of the competition, because as you know we support talent and creativity in any way we can.  People who have dreams and make them happen is one of the driving forces of our brand, so we are just as much fans as sponsors!

How does the Musicash talent show work?

There are 6 elimination rounds from now until November where prizes will be given to the top 48 contestants from every round. The 1st place winner from every round will earn a spot in the Grand Finale TV show in November.

The six 1st place elimination round winners will battle along side 6 more finalist, hand picked from the Musicash platform by the expert judges and producers, in the Grand Finale TV show in November.

Musicash global singing contest contestants

Musicash global singing contest contestants

Musicash Grand Finale

At the Grand Finale prizes in a minimum amount of $80,000 will be split among the 12 finalists and the top 36 voted videos for the entire season! The 1st place Grand Finale winner of season 1 will be awarded The Title of “Musicash Star”, The Musicash Trophy and a minimum of $40,000. For more info on payouts for the grand finale places 2nd through 48th place that can be found on the official Musicash website

Support Musicash and your favorite singer

 Visit Musicash on their website at: or on Facebook/Instagram to vote for your favorite contestant. 

Follow the latest Musicash uploads on YouTube right here

Visit the official Musicash podcast here.

Update on Musicash finalists:

Musicash finalists overview

Musicash finalists overview

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