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Wooden Sunglasses


Wood as alternative for plastic

When you think about sunglasses the first thing that probably comes to mind are the iconic plastic sunglasses that are everywhere since the nineties. Cheaply made, mass produced shades. Made from inexpensive injection plastic, in every color and variation imaginable. Available everywhere for next to nothing. 

Sustainable wooden sunglasses are the perfect alternative for plastic

Sustainable wooden sunglasses are the perfect alternative for plastic

Plastic shades as cheap commodity

And these shades become so popular, so cheap and easily available at a certain moment, that they turned into a commodity. Not seen as valuable and easily replaced when pair after pair would break. 

Awareness leads to sustainable wooden alternatives

Luckily a change is happening. Many people become more conscious about the need to switch to more sustainable materials for products. People start to realize the irreversible damage we do to our planet with the never ending stream of cheap plastic products. It's just something we became used to in the last few decades, and certainly not something that is really needed. Because there are so many good alternatives available. And with today's processing and crafting techniques there is no need to make sunglasses from plastic anymore. 

Wooden sunglasses are a perfect alternative to craft sunglasses with. Depending on the specific type, wood is strong, flexible and lightweight. All invaluable characteristics for making the perfect sunglasses.

Ibiza wooden sunglasses

The style of wooden sunglasses is remeniscent of the bohemian style. This is the style that is often associated with 70s, hippie style. The link is not surprising because the flower power movement in the 70s included a wave of growing awareness that we should protect our planet. The same bohemian style is seen on the iconic island of Ibiza. Many people who visit the infamous "Party Island" dress the part, with sustainable fashion and sunglasses.

If you like this style, then you should definitely consider Ibiza style wooden sunglasses like these. They have a beautiful hand made tribal carving on the outside. Ibiza style.

Ibiza style wooden sunglasses by BEINGBAR Eyewear

Ibiza style wooden sunglasses by BEINGBAR Eyewear

Cheap wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses are more expensive to make and often they are handmade, which increases the cost of production. But this minor disadvantage is outweighted by the advantage of using less or no plastics for the production.

Durability and comfort are worth the price

And it appears that more people are willing to spend more for a quality product. Because of their peace of mind, but also because wooden sunglasses tend to have a long product life. That means you can enjoy wooden sunglasses a lot longer than products made from cheap materials like plastic.

Polarized wooden sunglasses

some people expect that wooden sunglasses are all about the specific gimmick of this recognizable plastic product made from wood. Like the are a one-trick pony that does not have all the benefits and features that their plastic counterparts have. Yet, there is nothing further from the truth.

Wooden sunglasses are often handmade

Wooden sunglasses are often handmade

Premium wooden shades

Wooden sunglasses from many top brands have polarized lenses. And some even offer flexible hinges in the temples of their models. BEINGBAR Eyewear offers these features even without charging a premium upsell like many traditional, plastic-based brand do

Different wood types used

Wooden sunglasses are hand-made from many different types of wood. Some wood sources are more sustainable than others. Examples are 100% walnut, zebra wood, rose wood, and bamboo. Most wooden sunglasses are hand-made. An if they are not you can clearly see it if you compare their style with the unique character-rich look and feel of genuine hand crafted alternatives

Wooden sunglasses box

There are several brands that offer their wooden sunglasses in a nice hand crafted wooden storage box. These boxes are not necessarily meant to be used as a case because they tend to be slightly bigger. So especially women might consider them to be a bit too large to carry them around in their purse.

Sunglasses wooden box look great and are used to store your shades in

Sunglasses wooden box look great and are used to store your shades in

But for everyone who wants to keep their wooden sunglasses in their car or on their work desk these wooden boxes are perfect. They extend the wooden style to a cool looking accessory. The combination of wooden designer shades with a beautifully crafted wooden box is simply awesome. We recommend you store your favorite wooden shades in their pouch or a cloth before you store them in a box like this. To prevent the lenses or frame from scratching.

Some wooden sunglasses boxes have some type of protection on the inside, such as cork or foam, but it's not enough to prevent from scratching the lenses or frame. Especially during transport.

Best wooden sunglasses brands

There are many brands that make good wooden sunglasses. And at first glance it can be a challenge to keep them apart. But here are some important pointers to keep in mind when you want to make your selection.

Make sure you consider how the products were made. And often that included where the sunglasses were made. Does the brand respect good working conditions of their workers?

Some examples of good quality wooden sunglasses brands are:

  1. BEINGBAR® Eyewear (
  2. Woodies sunglasses (
  3. Woodzee Eyewear (
  4. Panda sunglasses (
  5. Shwood sunglasses (
Wooden shades are a sustainable choice, when the wood comes from sustainable sources - BEINGBAR Eyewear

Wooden shades are a sustainable choice, when the wood comes from sustainable sources - BEINGBAR Eyewear

If you want to be sure that your wooden sunglasses are made with properly sourced, high quality materials. With respect for people and the environment. In other words, if you want wooden sunglasses that are made with true principles and not just window dressing, you should definitely consider BEINGBAR Eyewear. BEINGBAR designs are always on-trend and stylish. There are many different models that are made in small batches.

If you want to express yourself with the ultimate wooden eyewear visit

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