Wooden sunglasses

Natural materials

Maximum features

True principles

BEINGBAR offers bamboo and wooden sunglasses that are created according to true principles. Our mission is to create beautiful products with respect for people, animals and the world we live in. We therefore avoid using harmful plastics and use fast-growing bamboo and wood instead. With their additional functionalities, our bamboo and wooden sunglasses are extremely suitable for both outdoor activities and everyday use.

Bamboo and wooden sunglasses that are truly built to last

You will find a wide range of conscious fashion and accessories in our web shop, such as our bamboo and wooden sunglasses. As an independent eyewear brand, we aim to offer you products that are both conscious and durable. We therefore pay a lot of attention to ethical working conditions and create products that are truly built to last. Besides that, our products are hand-crafted in small runs, which ensures you of an unique pair of sustainable shades. Are you having a hard time choosing your favorite pair of shades in our range of bamboo and wooden sunglasses? We also offer an affordable Sunglasses Subscription Service which allows you to easily switch between shades.

Discover the premium features of our accessories

By choosing sunglasses that are made with natural materials such as bamboo and wood, you are not contributing to our world’s plastic problem. Your sunglasses are delivered 100% plastic free to any destination worldwide. Order yours now and benefit from premium features, such as polarized lenses and UV protection without having to pay any additional costs. Please feel free to contact the BEINGBAR team via info@beingbar.com if you need help with your order. We are more than happy to help!

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