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Sunglasses Subscription Service


Want to switch between different styles of sunglasses?

​Have you ever wanted to wear different styles of sunglasses on different occasions, but simply couldn't? Either because you don't ​have enough trendy shades to switch between or because they're too expensive?

What if I would tell you that you can now wear the latest eyewear trends and sunglasses fashion for just the price of a cup of coffee per month? 

Regularly receive a new pair of high quality shades with the Sunglasses Subscription program

Regularly receive a new pair of high quality shades with the Sunglasses Subscription program

Flexible Sunglasses Subscription Service

We have just lauched our ​unique Sunglasses Subscription Service at BEINGBAR Eyewear. With ​this latest addition to our services you are always guaranteed to wear a fresh pair of high quality sunglasses for the lowest monthly price possible. How does a pair of on-trend polarized shades for ​just a few bucks per month sound to you?

"​​Wouldn't you prefer to pay a very low monthy fee for your shades?​A fee as low as the price of a cup of coffee?"

​The Sunglasses Subscription service is perfect for you, if you're like most people (​including us at Team BEINGBAR).
See if this describes you:

  • You don't want to spend ​countless hours shopping for the right sunglasses online or in the high street
  • ​You don't want to spend a lot of money for a model that might be out of style next month
  • ​​You always want a fresh pair of the best quality polarized sunglasses with premium features and maximum UV protection for your eyes
  • ​You prefer to pay a very low monthy fee, as low as the price of a cup of coffee
Sunglasses Subscription Service

Sunglasses Subscription Full-freedom service

Subscribe for one, two, three or more shades

The Sunglasses Subscription service is based on a simple customization system. You first indicate how often you want to receive a fresh pair. You can choose between one, two or three pairs of sunglasses per year at this point.

In case you're interested in a higher frequency (more models per year), we can make you a personal offer. Just reach out to Team BEINGBAR by email.

Choose when you want to receive your next sunnies

​You can choose to receive your sunglasses immediately. ​And you have the option to have all your sunglasses shipped together. This is the most eco-friendly option. With this "eco" plan you choose to have your polarized eyewear shipped all at once. Boxed and transported to you in one go. That saves quite a bit of CO2. Besides the most sustainable option, it is also the best option from an economical perspective. Because the "eco" plan is also the most cost efficient too.

​Sunglasses payment plans

​The standard option is that you just pay a very low fee per month, instead of having to pay large amounts for the entire pair. With most plans if you add up the montly payments you end up with a higher total price. But ​as a Sunglasses Subscription program member at this moment you pay even less than buying one in stores!

Sunglasses subscription boxes

There are other sunglasses subscription services available that offer monthly services, like sunglasses subscription boxes. however, we ran some surveys and most of you prefer new shades every couple of months. That makes sense because these shades are built to last contrary to most monthly services which often offer gimmicky plastic stuff​. 

If you do expect a monthly service, just let us know.

Premium Features Sunglasses

The sunglasses you receive in the Sunglasses subscription service are the same high quality models that you can buy in stores. They have the premium features you expect, like flexible hinges and the BEINGBAR Eyewear natural design elements you love. All sunglasses in the subscription service have polarized lenses. So, besides looking awesome, you'll have ​glare-free and clear vision, regardless of the season.

Receive new shades when you want with flexible Sunglasses Subscription

Receive new shades when you want with flexible Sunglasses Subscription

Stuck for life Plan or full flexibility?

We have designed this service with you in mind, so we're ​made this as flexible and transparent as possible. You can quit your subscription anytime you want. You're not stuck for life with a plan that is designed to lock you in. We hate the corporate rules just as much as you do. What rules do I mean? Well, those systems where you need to cancel a couple of months before the plan expires. And then run for another year until you forgot (again) that you subscribed! With

The Sunglasses Subscription program you can quit anytime and any moment. You only pay for products that you already received or that are already shipped to you. It's a plan that you would draw up if ​I would ask you to design it yourself. To tricks, no funny business. Only advantages for you.

The different steps of the Sunglasses subscription program:

Step 1: Decide on the frequency and when you want to receive your ​fresh new look

​​You are in control! You decide how often you want to receive a fresh pair of sunglasses​.​

​Choose between: 1, 2 and 3 times a year

Step 2: Decide when you want to receive your pairs. Always in Spring or Summer? Or every 6 months?

You are in control! You decide ​when you want to receive a fresh pair of sunglasses​. ​

​Choose your dates or simply take our suggestion

Step 3: Decide how you want to pay. Almost anything is possible, including payment plans

​You can decide to pay per shipment, in one time or twice a year, depending on your plan and other choices. We make your choice simple and transparent. And you're never stuck. You can cancel your SunSubscription anytime!

Step 4: Enjoy a fresh pair of shades and make necks twist at every party

​Enjoy every single moment. You'll always have a fresh pair of the Ultimate Conscious and Sustainable sunglasses. With the best features and polarized lenses. 

Sunglasses Subscription: What's In It For You?

​Are you interested in what our subscription service can do for you? Would you like to pay just a tiny fee per month instead of buying expensive designed sunglasses somewhere else? You could own your next pair of BEINGBAR Eyewear for just a few bucks per month. And when you get tired of them, you could receive the next one, depending on how you set up your subscription. And then swap them to match any style ​and occasion. It really is that simple! Click here for more about the Subscription Service.

So, this concludes this article about ​our new Sunglasses Subscription service we're ​offering as of today. Are you interested in reading more about high quality ​Eyewear? And more specifically in shades that take an eco-friendly, sustainable approach? BEINGBAR shades are the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials and true principles. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit ​

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