Conscious sunglasses

Natural materials

Maximum features

True principles

BEINGBAR is dedicated to offering you conscious sunglasses that are made with true principles. We put you and our beautiful planet first during the entire production process. Our sunglasses are therefore handmade in small quantities whilst avoiding the use of plastic. You will understand why we call our sunglasses something truly different as soon as they are delivered to your doorstep.

Conscious sunglasses with premium features

Our shades are built to last with natural materials, such as bamboo and wooden sunglasses, to limit our environmental impact. With these conscious sunglasses, you are also guaranteed of a technically perfect fit and premium features. All our shades come with polarized lenses and UV400 protection – making them the perfect accessory during your surf session or other outdoor activities. We are confident that you will enjoy every single moment with your new eyewear.

Visit our web shop or subscribe for a program

You can easily order your favorite pair of conscious sunglasses in our sustainable eyewear web shop. They are shipped to you at any location worldwide. We understand that you would also like to regularly switch between shades, which is why we also offer our extremely affordable Sunglasses Subscription Service. Feel free to reach out to our team via to find out more about this service or if you have any additional questions. They would love to assist you in finding your perfect fit!