You can order your BEINGBAR anywhere on the planet. It's safe, reliable, personal and sustainable

How long does shipping and handling take for your BEINGBAR product?

  • Within the Netherlands: 3 working days, Tracked, FREE Shipping
  • Within Europe and UK/IE: 7 working days, Tracked, Currently for just 7.99!
  • To USA/CA: 9 working days, Tracked, Currently for just 9.99!
  • Rest of the world: 11 working days. Tracked, Currently for just 14.99!

COVID-19 update

Please note that:

Shipping currently can take significantly longer than normal 

Due to the global developments around the COVID-19 pandemic (for instance: more online orders, higher safety precautions at customs).

We trust you support us by being patient. Your wait will be worth it!

We promise!

Global shipping from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When you purchase something on your product will always ship from our warehouse in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

We currently have an agreement with DHL and their sister company Deutsche Post for international shipping. We have selected them as our partner because they offer the most reliable, tracked service. We take part of the shipping cost to offer you the lowest rates possible.

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Extremely low global shipping fees

For example, at this moment we can offer international shipping within Europe for just 7.99

To USA and Canada for just 9.99

And never more than 14.99, anywhere in the world!

Your BEINGBAR ships anywhere in the world for very low rates

Your BEINGBAR ships anywhere in the world for very low rates

Lowest environmental impact shipping solution

But most importantly we selected Deutsche Post because they have the most solid promise and action plan to reduce their environmental impact. Their Group-wide environmental protection program GoGreen defines a clear global target: zero emissions by 2050.

Minimize waste and plastic in our logistics

BEINGBAR is a brand that not only values the protection of the planet. It is the core pillar of our brand. We make conscious decisions about our production, products and packaging (for instance, we ship our eyewear anywhere in the world in 100% plastic-free packaging). And if that is what you do, you should also look within your scope of influence. We all have the power to choose who we trust to do their best for the environment. You choose us (thank you, by the way! You're awesome!!). And we choose Deutsche Post.

And we will keep them to their promise. If we ever need to make another choice for a logistical partner, we definitely will. And we will keep you informed about it. 

BEINGBAR packaging is personal and always 100 percent plastic free

BEINGBAR packaging is personal and always 100 percent plastic free

Have questions about shipping?

Just reach out to our team and fire away! We're confident that we can help you. You can always reach us through the contact form.

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