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Always Here Now, What Does It Mean?


Always. Here. Now. What does it mean?

​Many ​people ask us what the ​mesage "Always. Here. Now." ​is all about. ​You can find it on the top of the ​the website. And the hidden ​words can be found on every BEINGBAR product.
But what does it really mean?

​The eyewear brand that makes a difference​

Many years ago we set out to build our own high quality and sustainable eyewear. This was the result of ​my quest to find replacement for my own shades. I bought them not even a year before. And they were very, VERY expensive.​ And still they broke. And in my search for good replacement I saw simple shades that cost up to 600 Euros (from a particular car brand). 

To make a long story short: right then and there I decided to build my own cool sunglasses, just the way I like them. But less expensive and more durable. With sustainable material choices and made with respect for both people and the environment. 

Beyond Sustainability and CSR

But beyond sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I decided ​that BEINGBAR had to have yet another element. A hidden one...

Let me explain what I mean.

​Conscious Sunglasses and Accessories

​"Beyond sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, ​the BEINGBAR brand had to have yet another element. 

A hidden one..."

"Conscious" and Sustainable eyewear and fashion

​Perhaps you've ​noticed the word "Conscious​" when you read about BEINGBAR. We make conscious eyewear and fashion accessories. What do we mean by that exactly? Well, at that time ​I found out the importance of being present. Focused. To live every moment and enjoy it for what it is. Without worries about an imaginary tomorrow or regrets about the past. Truly enjoying the moment. A concept existing already for ages in the East. And popularized in the West by people like Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle. A very simple concept, but one that is easily forgotten when "life happens".

​I must have read dozens and dozens of books about the topic ​before becoming an expert on the subject. And what I found surprising is that millions of people shared the same interest.

BEINGBAR Sustainable materials use. Look wood and bamboo

​Sustainable and Conscious fashion

I figured that the BEINGBAR Sunglasses and fashion accessories brand, besides being respectful for the environment and people, should have an ​additional element. An extra meaning to the word "​conscious". ​BEINGBAR had to be a brand that reminds you to keep your focus where it belongs. Always Here and Now.

Reminder to enjoy every moment

With our Conscious products we offer ​people a reminder to enjoy the moment and stay present at all times. The "Always Here Now" reminder is hidden in every product, every webpage, commercial and flyer. It's there if you're interested in it. It's hardly noticable if you don't care about ​it. 

And the best thing of all is that no one else will see it besides the wearer.

BEINGBAR Bracelet with Present Moment Reminder - secret message

Hidden present moment reminder

So the next time you buy BEINGBAR shades or a bracelet, go search for the words. Whenever you get caugt up in worries or feel you're consumed by thoughts, you know where to find them.

And if you never worry about anything and are ever focused on whatever is in your life right now: congratulations! You don't need BEINGBAR to remind you (but you will need us to look cool or protect you from the sun and glare!)

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BEINGBAR Fashion. Always. Here. Now.

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