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Five Ways to Look Spectacular in Sun Eyeglasses


​A look at any fashion magazine, TV show or movie proves that sun eyeglasses are a hot fashion trend. And with so many people wearing sun eyeglasses, people are starting to use their eyewear as an accessory to match their personal style​. The secret to looking good all the times is proper care habits that keep glasses looking great.

Here are six tips you could keep in mind to always look spectacular in sun eyeglasses.

1. Keep your sunglasses ​sparkling

Nothing spoils your look like smudged, dirty lenses. Make cleaning a daily ritual. A spray bottle of professional eyeglass cleaner and soft micro-fiber cloth in your purse, car or desk drawer makes it easy. you can also use a bit of handsoap and a soft cloth. Read more (sun) eyeglasses cleaning tips here.

2. Use the pouch or case

If you need to take your sunglasses off, put them in their pouch or case. Stuffing them in a pocket or purse is an invitation to scratching beyond repair. Oftentimes people store them in their purse, fully unprotected. Guess what's in your purse that does not go well with sunglasses lenses? Car keys? Sand? Make up mirror? Do I need to continue? Keep them nice and safe in a protective pouch. almost any pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses come with one. The BEINGBAR pouches are made from ultra soft microfiber ​material and prevent scratching. And there are special storage boxes to keep them in while you're not using them.

BEINGBAR Eyewear collector's box

BEINGBAR Eyewear collector's box, keep your sun eyeglasses safe and scratch-free

3. ​Don't clean with you clothing!

According to one study, 52 percent of people clean their glasses with their clothing! Dust and particles in clothes can scratch lenses. Even dry paper products can grind dust and fibers into the lens. And the rubbing of the lenses with certain cloth materials can make them even attract more dust, making them static. And we have't even mentioned the fact that clothing can also contain oily substanses from your skin. This is great for dust and sand to stick to.

Microfiber cloth to clean sunglasses and spectacles

Microfiber cloth to clean sunglasses and spectacles

Disposable moist cleaning towelettes and lenses wipes make it easy to keep your world sparkling. But we recommend cleaning your (sun) eyeglasses with lukewarm water and a bit of soap like described here. That way you do not needlessly throw away the lens wipe and all that plastic or aluminum containing pacjaging material

4. Give high-tech lenses high-tech care

Today's lenses are thinner, made of lighter materials and often have coatings that prevent glare or add other benefits. Don't damage them by using household cleaners. Even today's concentrated or "extra strength" dish soaps can be corosive and damage the coatings over time. Eyewear cleaners are formulated to safely remove fingerprints, cosmetics, dirt and grime. You have variations with an without alcohol.

Don't use your sun eyeglasses for DIY purposes. You might damage them

5. Wear goggles for do-it-yourself projects​

Some people use their eyeglasses or sunglasses when they are DIY'ing. Or to put it more accurately, they don't take them off. Sun eyeglasses are designed to protect against UV radiation. DIY goggles protect against debris, sawdust and particles. They are not interchangable. Removing paint spatters with rough rubbing or chemicals can easily damage a lens. Sawdust and plaster dust can scratch or get ground in during cleanup. ​Keep your favorite sun eyeglasses clean so you continue to look spectacular throughout the year!

This concludes this ​post about the Top ​ways to look spectacular in sun eyeglasses. Are you interested in reading more about high quality sunglasses? ​Click here to read more. Or visit ​

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