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Sustainable Fashion and Eyewear


We live in an extravagant society, and it has become more and more clear that we can no longer overlook the impact of the industry on our resources, habitats, and health. We buy items on a regular basis, and our everyday choices have a significant effect on the environment.

What we buy affects not only the demand for the earth's natural resources but also poses serious human health concerns and environmental degradation tragedies.

People are becoming more conscious of the environmental effects of fashion

People are becoming more conscious of the environmental effects of fashion

Increased consciousness

More people are now becoming conscious of these effects, and of the changes that we need to make to ensure the earth is habitable for everyone. You may think that would require a great deal of effort, but there are basic things you can do. Like something as simple as recycling or buying organic products.

Choosing sustainable fashion, for instance, is something to look into, as it can make a great difference in helping to bring positive change to the environment.

Going green in fashion is becoming the norm

Going green in fashion is becoming the norm

So what does sustainable fashion mean for your wardrobe and the environment?

The fashion world is obsessed with following the latest trends and it appears going green is becoming a norm. Sustainable fashion considers the environment, the health of consumers, and the conditions of those working in the fashion industry. It is partly about producing shoes, clothes, accessories, and other textiles in socio-economically and environmentally sustainable ways. It is also more about sustainable patterns of use, which requires shifts in our behavior and attitudes.

Green style is hotter than ever

When the idea of sustainable fashion was still in its early years, the choice of available materials and styles was limited. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. The fashion world has caught up with the need to save the environment, and green style is now hotter than ever. From T-shirts and hoodies to socks and knickers, you can find a huge choice of eco-friendly clothing that suits your needs - both online and in the local stores.

Sustainable fashion has many options and the benefits go beyond just the environment

Sustainable fashion has many options and the benefits go beyond just the environment

Greener wardrobe inspiration

If you are looking for an easy way to make your wardrobe greener, you can start buying clothing made out of natural fabrics (leaves, animal coats, silkworm cocoons, leaves, stems), such as jute, silk, hemp, cotton, linen, and wool, etc.

Other ways to have a "green wardrobe"

Knowing what really makes a garment environmentally friendly is one thing that is causing a lot of misconception. While some might think that sustainable fashion simply means clothing made from recycled yarns or organic cotton, there are many other ways to have a green wardrobe.

High quality second-hand clothing and fashion

Shopping for recycled clothing is another super amazing way to go green with your personal style. Recycled clothing prevents waste of more new fabrics during the manufacturing process, and does not necessarily have to be recycled either. When you buy high-quality second hand or timeless vintage clothing from any type of secondhand store, you would technically be achieving the same goal.

This is because the pieces already exist, and you are saving the entire adverse effect of production. To rent, repair, swap, or lease out fashion items is not exempted. Generally, the aim of sustainable fashion is to use the least amount of energy possible during the manufacturing and delivery processes. Hence, eco-friendly clothing is more likely to be cost-effective.

Sustainable wardrobe is hotter than ever

Sustainable wardrobe is hotter than ever

Sustainable Eyewear

Besides choosing sustainable clothing for your wardrobe, there has also been an emergence of eco-friendly eyewear. With more and more people looking to become more eco-friendly, the demand for sustainable sunglasses has increased significantly over the past few years.  One material that is making its way into eyewear is bamboo.

Bamboo eyewear is extremely eco-friendly

Bamboo sunglasses were unheard of a few years ago, but recently the demand for it experienced an upsurge due to its many different impressive qualities. Unlike plastic frames that in particular can be damaging to the environment, bamboo eyewear is eco-friendly, highly durable, very strong, easy to use, and can last for years. Fewer chemicals are also used in their production. This implies fewer chemicals will be produced, translating into less harmful materials potentially making their way back into the environment.

BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear is often made from bamboo

BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear is often made from bamboo

Eco-friendly and recycled materials

In addition to bamboo, other eco-friendly and recycled materials are making their way into the sunglasses manufacturing process. If you opt for any of these materials, you are doing your bit for the environment while also owning sunglasses that are chic and modern.

There are also other ways to have eco-friendly eyewear. Instead of buying new eyewear when you have scratched or damaged lenses, you can simply choose to replace the lens. This way, you would be able to help lower your carbon footprint, which is great for everyone.

Final thought

Finding different ways that you can take your buying power and translate it into help for the planet is a very worthwhile effort. Shopping in this way can help you get a higher quality product while at the same time helping to lower your carbon footprint.

What is a sustainable fashion to you, or do you think we have missed something? We would like to hear from you in the comment box below.

Your fashion choice does make a big difference in a healtier planet

Your fashion choice does make a big difference in a healtier planet

So, this concludes this article about sustainable fashion and eyewear. Are you interested in reading more about eco-friendly high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach. BEINGBAR shades are the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit


At BEINGBAR we walk the talk. Our journey started in 2011 and we set out to make sustainable fashion accessories and eyewear. It's the core pillar of what we do.

We knew something had to change in the industry and had an idea about how to do things better. As from that moment on we are on a journey to make it better every single day. 

Most of our eyewear is made with fastgrowing bamboo elements and we avoid the use of plastics at all cost in products, production and logisics. And more importantly, we make sure or products are built to last, not to replace. 

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