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Sunglasses Maintenance and Repair


Looking to repair your sunglasses? Read to learn ​all about it!

Repairing products is often the most sustainable thing to do. And it's a cheap solution compared to buying something new. Especially if you know how to do it yourself! 

To repair your glasses may only require a quick, minor  fix you can do yourself, or it may require getting them fixed at a shop. It all depends on ​how seriously they are damaged. Sometimes you think your favorite sunnies are beyond repair, but ​there is a lot more possible than you might think. Read ​all about your sunglasses Maintenance and repair.

How can I repair my glasses?

We put our glasses and sunglasses through a lot while using them and accidents happen all the time. For instance, what happens a lot is that people sit on them when they jump in their car or on the couch. But don't worry, we're going to show you how you can repair your favorite glasses and sunglasses. This article explains how to fix broken (sun)glasses, glasses arm problems or ill-fitting frames, and may help you in the continued and extended use of your favourite glasses or sunglasses. 

Repairing Your Shades is Sustainable and Cost Efficient

​"Repairing products is often the most sustainable thing to do. And it's a cheap solution compared to buying something new. Especially if you know how to do it yourself".

What to do when a screw falls out

The front face of your glasses is connected to the temples by tiny screws and hinges. Every once in a while, these screws get loose or even fall out, just because of regularly opening and closing them. When this happens, all you need is a tiny screwdriver to screw them back in place. Just line up the hinges and insert the screw into the holes and screw it back in.

Sunglasses screws and parts

If you can't find the missing screw, take a screw from an older pair of glasses that you don't wear any more, or visit the store where you purchased the frames. You should know that there are many different sizes. Several smaller brands tend to use one size for all their frames. However, if you but spectacles or sunglasses from a bigger brand of manufacturer they use different parts for different lines. This is due to seperate production facilities or because they just buy any ready-made product and slap their brand on them. With most brands you can easily receive replacement screws, and mostly for free.

Repair kits for sunglasses

Repair kits for glasses are sets with a huge amount of spare parts. Buying such a might be a smart investment. They normally contain different screws, a small screwdriver, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a storage case. Some models have a tiny magnifying glass, either seperately of attached to the screwdriver. Why? Because besides for sunglasses, they are often used for regular spectacles too. And why do you wear those? Right! These tiny screws and other parts are extremely small and it requires precision. These magnifiers can really make the difference, and they are not expensive at all.

Temporary fixes for sunglasses frame repair

If you cannot find the right screw for your specific pair, or no screw at all, you can also use ​really thin wire from a twist tie. Twist ties are those things around your lunch bags and some supermarket packagings, that you normally throw away. Just strip the paper (or plastic, in which case it has at least some use of existence!) off from the wire.

Another option is to use a paperclip, although it might be too thick. Line up the holes and thread the wire through them with the glasses in the open position. Twist the wire in place until the arm feels secure. Cut off the remaining tips of the wire, so you don't get scratched, and keep the temples (arms of your sunglasses) in the open position.

You can also use a toothpick for a quick and temporary fix. Just line up the holes, push the toothpick through, and trim and tuck the excess. It might ​buy just enough time to get you to the repair shop without UV damage to your eyes!

​Easily fix poor-fitting frames

Sunglasses that become too tight or too loose can also be adjusted. Metal and plastic frames can be reshaped when gently heated, as the heat will soften the material and allow you to bend the temples back into their original shape. Some repair shops use a blow dryer or hot water. You can try what works for you, as long as you're careful not to hurt yourself (or your shades!)

When adjusting the frame, make sure the frame does not have any oxidation or signs of rust. If the temples of your glasses have white spots or marks, chances are the material has hardened overtime. If you try and adjust the frame when it’s oxidised, the temples might break, even after heating them.

Pour hot water into a bowl and place your glasses (ideally only the temples) in the water for a minute or two. Be careful: if the water is too hot to touch, chances are it's too hot for your glasses.

Sunglasses repair and maintenance. Tools and parts

Use warm water to adjust the sunglasses frame

Water warmer than lukewarm can affect the coating of your lenses. Remove the frames from the water and bend the temples gently. Bending the temples inward makes them tighter and bending them outward makes them looser. Place them back in the water to reheat if the frame cools and stiffens. Try not to force the temples, otherwise they may break. Most stores will not help you when the arms of your sunglasses or spactacles are broken. So when you are in doubt, don't do it and visit the store while at least the parts are in one piece, so to say.

Fix scratches on the sunglasses lenses

Unfortunately, there are no products to completely remove scratches. Products that claim this provide an optical solution, where the scrathes are filled, but not removed. And remember that if you're wearing prescription sunglasses, polishing the lenses ​too much ​can have an effect on the prescription of the lens. this in turn can result in blurred vision, eye fatigue or eye strain.

To prevent scratches in future you can add an extra scratch-resistant coating to your lenses. When you next buy new glasses or replace your lenses it may be worth considering. These coatings can significantly extend the product life of your sunglasses.

​Spots on sun lenses or coating

If can happen that the lenses of your sunglasses appear to have spots or stains on them. this can happen when you use them in salty and corosive environments. Salt and sand can damage the coating on the lens. ​You might be certain there is no sand on your lenses, and when you try to wipe them clean you see these spots overtime. The cause of this are invisible salt crystals that work like sanding paper. this damage cannot be undone and probably means you need to replace your pair of sunglasses or the lenses.

Repair and Maintenance of your Shades

There are also creams and sun lotions that have corosive incredients. Our advice is to be extra careful with your sunglasses on the beach, because you have a "perfect storm" of damaging ingredients to hurt your favorite pair of shades. For this type of damage the same applies: this is damage that cannot be undone and falls outside of most warranties and insurances, because it's seen as "preventable" damage.

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