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BEINGBAR Packaging Policy Explained


​Sustainable Sunglasses, Sustainable Packaging

Sunglasses are made from different materials. But unfortunately the frames from most suppliers ​and brands are ​made from some ​type of plastic. Plastic in itself ​is not wrong, when used right. For instance, there is a big difference between using cheap single-use plastic and using more durable plastics ​that can be used a lifetime or more. But the question is: for how long ​is ​your eyewear designed ​and ​made to last?

You and the environment as starting point

We ​make our products with you and the environment as starting point. With "you" we mean how they fit you. Our products should always look great on you. It also means comfort. Because they should feel really good wearing them. And it means that our products are truly made to last. Unlike many other products that sometimes seem to be designed to be replaced.

And what do we mean by the environment as starting point? We are very clear about this. BEINGBAR products should ​always limit the use of any non-sustainable materials. Whatever we can ​craft from sustainable material, we will. And we will always be transparent about it. And even more important is that we design and build our products and sunglasses to really last. ​So there's nothing "single use" about that!

BEINGBAR Sustainable materials use. Look wood and bamboo

Shipped 100% plastic free

So that explains our policy on crafting our shades and gear. But what is even more important is the amount of plastic waste coming from single use plastic packaging materials in ​the industry. The biggest positive impact we can have on the environment is by reducing that waste. Because it's completely unnessesary waste and easy to replace by other materials. 

Plastic: our biggest Global problem today

The strange thing is that plastic ​in most cases is the cheapest packaging solution. And besides that it is known for its protective qualities. That's why it is used so often. And why it has caused one of the biggest global challenges our planet ever faced. But there are other solutions and sustainable alternatives. From the start we have made a conscious decision to ship in 100% plastic-free packaging. Yes, it is more expensive, but we know that cheap comes at a price for the environment sooner or later. 

So here are our promises to you and the Earth:

  • ​We ship our products 100% plastic-free
  • ​Paper boxes are made from recycled paper and cardboard
  • ​​No plastic packaging materials (no nuggets, to plastic tape)
  • ​We work with logistic partners that have a proven track record of making an environmental difference. And that have a solid CSR policy in place

​​Beautifully packaged, like a gift

We strongly believe it is important to not contribute to ​the waste problem with our products. Even when it means that the packaging might be considered as minimalistic. When you receive your ​BEINGBAR you will know what we mean: it’s like opening a gift, but a sustainable one. We can guarantee that you will LOVE the way our products are wrapped and shipped to you. It is proof that there is a good alternative

BEINGBAR Sustainable and plastic-free packaging

​​Want to know more about our packaging policy?

We proud ourselves to be The Ultimate Conscious and Sustainable Sunglasses brand. ​If you want to read more about the ​BEINGBAR® packaging philosophy, we recommend you read the About Us page. And if you want to read what other ​BEINGBAR® fans ans customers think about our packaging, just take a look at the reviews online and in our social media accounts.

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