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What sustainable sunglasses should I buy in 2020?


The environmental impact of our eyewear consumerism

​Do you ever wonder what sustainable sunglasses you should choose this season? As the ​eyewear industry has matured and advanced in the last decades, ​the earth has taken the toll of ​those advancements. ​Plastic waste (including disposed cheap injection plastic products) is piling up in landfills and filling our oceans. Toxic waste from production plants seaps into the ​ground. Toxic production exhaust fumes fill our skies​. These are the immediate results ​of modern eyewear consumerism.

How can you limit your eyewear consumer impact?

​The environmental problem is becoming glaringly obvious to many. But what can you really do about it as a consumer?​ Many recognize the feeling of being powerless when it comes to global environmental problems. The idea that a problem is too big to have a positive impact on. But there ​is always something you can do. And ​change starts with ​small steps.

Your conscious eco-friendly consumer decisions

​You can have a positive impact​ by thinking consciously about ​every one of your choices and actions as a consumer​. ​By consciously weighing your eco-friendly alternatives. ​This applies to every single consumer decision. From the sustainability-focused stores you visit to the eco-friendly products you buy. From what you accept as packaging material to how you expect your products to be shipped.

And that includes your choice in fashion and (sun) eyewear. Sustainabilty is in your hands. And it has never been easier to make a sustainable choice! there are more brands and there is more choice than ever. Want proof? Read this article about the Top 10 Best Eco-Friendly Brands to get inspired.

Time to make conscious eyewear choices, with style!

Now is the time to make conscious and educated decisions about ​the sunglasses you wear this ​season. ​​And this doesn’t ​mean that you should ​wear boring products in terms of style and aesthetics. ​Brands like BEINGBAR® focus on bringing you the latest designs ​in sun eyewear, but with the environment as starting point. ​Products are not just on-trend and inspired by classic models you know and love. But they limit the use of plastics in their designs by using wood from sustainable sources. And fast growing bamboo that can grow up to 90 cm per day! And at BEINGBAR reduce (plastic) waste during manufacturing, packaging and logistics. ​

Sustainability vs Style: no trade off!

Whatever shades you wear should never be ordinary​ and "samey". ​They should make you stand out ​and express who you are. You should be able to choose from a variety of designs and colors that ​match and extend your style. ​And in an age where cheaply made, mass-produced products are easily available everywhere, it requires your conscious choice. And sometimes you have to do some searching to find the right eco-friendly alternative. Style ​versus Sustainability: it should not be a trade-off!

“​sometimes you have to do some searching to find the right eco-friendly alternative. Style ​versus Sustainability: it should not be a trade-off!”

​Sustainable and Fashionable Sunglasses

​Your eyewear should be something that you wear with pride. And they should really last! Because what's the use of ​a sustainable ​produt if you need to replace it after just one season? ​So always look for products that have premium features, so they last longer. Examples are flex hinges that prevent your shades from breaking immediately under some pressure. And lens coating that protects against scratching. 

​This year you can decide to change your sun eyewear fashion statement and make a difference. ​If you want to read more about conscious and sustainable ​(sun) eyewear and fashion, click here.

So, this concludes this article about ​what sustainable sunglasses you should buy this season. Are you interested in reading more about sustainable high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach. BEINGBAR® shades are the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit ​

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