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What Sunglasses Should You Wear With Your Face Shape?


What sunglasses should you wear with your face shape? Ever wondered why a pair of glasses or shades can look fantastic on an optical shop display, but don't look so great when you actually try them on? Well there is an obvious reason for this: your face shape determines what type of frame shape looks best on you. Read on to understand how this works!

Every shape of glasses and sunglasses fits best on a particular face shape. Some shapes fit on most faces, like the Aviator-inspired and Moviestar (Trapezoidal) shape. Some other eyewear shapes are very specific and only look good if you were born with a specific face type. It's difficult to change your face shape (let alone VERY expensive), so just select the perfect shape of shades or specs to match your face!

Your face shape determines what shades or glasses suit you best

Your face shape plays a crucial role in deciding whether a certain model of glasses or sunglasses will look good on you or not. Therefore, it is important to have an idea about your face shape and their associated frames shape before selecting your perfect pair. With so many frames to choose from, the right one will significantly highlight your features and bring out your exclusive facial contours. If you master this, you can look amazing with your shades or specs!

The basic face shapes to fit particular shades shapes

So let’s take a look at the basic face shapes and then go through which frame shapes look best on each of them:

  • Round face shape
  • Oval face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Rectangular (or Long) face shape
  • V-Triangle shape
  • Diamond face shape
  • (and some distinguish "Heart-shaped", which is a combination of different shapes mentioned above)

Different face shapes

To determine your face shape, you should remember that most of the faces are a combination of different shapes such as tapered jaws and angular contours and features. Or broader forehead and rounded chin. So below are the guidelines to determine your face shape in order to pick the right model. But know that it is not a hard science. You should always wear what makes you feel great. Not what you're supposed to wear according to this article!

Round Face Shape

Round shaped faces have softer face contours and slightly wider cheekbones. The forehead and chin are equally wide. Round faces are more distinguished among other face shapes because those are all about curves. Therefore, while choosing a frame for your round shaped face, you should look for a more angular frame that draws attention away from the cheeks and highlights your other features.

Based on this, your recommended frames for your "Round" face are Moviestar (Trapezoidal) models, Clubmasters-inspired models and Rectangle / Square style. Some Cat-Eye or Butterfly styled frames might work, although these will probably give you a what some people would call "expressionist" look.

Oval Face Shape

An Oval Shaped face is the most versatile among the different face shapes because of the gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaws, and slightly wider cheekbones. The reason your features make your face shape the most versatile one is that you are blessed with a face that fits most of the frames out there (and let's not forget: almost every hairstyle too!)

An oversized frame with a bold shapes can fit you perfectly. Just avoid frames with arms that hang too low because this will add unnecessary elongation to the face.

Recommended for you to wear: Aviator style models, Cat Eye / Butterfly style, Rectangle / Square style, Rectangle / Square style, Moviestar (Trapezoidal), Traveller-inspired.

Square Face Shape

Square shaped faces have more angular lines, wider forehead, wider cheekbones and equally wide jaws. For your face shape there is a general fashion rule to choose a frame opposite to your face shape, which really helps to gain a balanced look either by minimizing or creating clarity.

Your recommended frames are the "John Lennon styled" vintage glasses, Aviators and rounded (Round) frames. Besides that you can wear Clubmasters-style, Cat Eye / Butterfly style and Moviestar (Trapezoidal) shapes. You can also consider Traveller-inspired frames and Panto style (defined by high hinge and full base).

Rectangular (or "Long") Face Shape

If you have a Rectangular or "Long" face you should go for round or square frames that are a bit oversized. Luckily for you there are many, many recommended frame styles for you rectangular shaped face!

We recommend you wear: Aviator style models, Cat Eye / Butterfly style, Panto style, Round style and Moviestar (Trapezoidal), Traveller-inspired and Clubmasters-style.

V-Triangle Face Shape

A typical V-Triangle shaped face has a wider forehead that narrows downs near the cheekbones. The chin is rounded. Here the frames that can minimise the width of the eye-lines works best to create an overall balanced look.

Go for Aviator style models, Cat Eye / Butterfly style, Panto style, Round style. Also Rectangle / Square style, Rectangle / Square style and Moviestar (Trapezoidal) and Traveller-inspired models. These shades will suit your face shape best.

Diamond Face Shape

The rarest of all the face shapes: the diamond-shaped face, has a more narrowed forehead. Your cheekbones are a bit broader, and your chin is fine-shaped. Because your face shape is narrow at the eyeline and jaw-line, your eyewear shape focus should be to draw attention on your eyeline for the best balanced look.

Based on your very unique face shape we recommend you wear: Aviator style models, Panto style, Round style and cat-eye / Butterfly-styled models.

Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces are wider at the forehead and narrow down through to the jaws. This face shapes gives the owner a "sweet" and cheerful looks and can either be long or round. If you have this face shape you have many possibilities.

Your face looks great in frames that are slightly wider than your forehead. For this reason the recommended glasses frames for heart face shape are round frames.


Remember that it is just a general guide to help you in determining the shape of your face and the role it plays while choosing your ideal frame. So if you find yourself looking great in a frame other than the recommended one for your particular face shape: just go for it!

There are other factors involved in choosing glasses frames such as your skin tone, your eyes colour, and hair colour. You can consider these for choosing the frame colour. 

So, this concludes this article about what sunglasses or spectacles frame you should wear with your unique face shape. Are you interested in reading more about high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that are high-quality, with premium features as standard. BEINGBAR shades are the ultimate high-quality conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit

Or perhaps you want to read more about face shapes? Read this article (opens in new window).

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