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You Can Now Guest Post On


You can now guest post on

As you know we (Team BEINGBAR) keep you updated on a weekly and somtimes even daily basis, right here on this blog. That can be information and news about what we've been up to. Or stuff that keeps us busy and what we believe you might find interesting. But most importantly articles about what happens in the world of sustainable and conscious fashion, eyewear and accessories. Our main goal is to look at ways how fashion can be better. More eco-friendly and sustainable. And there's a lot to write about!

Respond to our content

Did you know that it is already possible to react and respond to our content? On the bottom of almost every page you can leave your feedback or share what you think about the topics discussed.

But now we want to take it one step further and give you the opportunity to add relevant content yourself. Not a mere response, not just a review. But real related, original and expert content from you!

Have writing experience or are you a SME?

It could be that you already write content on your own blog. Or you like to answer questions on Quora. Or you regularly post on your own Tumblr account. Or you have written an unpublished, but really cool article about a related topic. Perhaps for school, an internship or just as a hobby. If you believe you are a true Subject Matter Expert on the topics we keep people updated about, we are looking for you! We would love to read it and perhaps post it right here!

You can now guest post on! Share your expertise with our community

You can now guest post on! Share your expertise with our community

Want to contribute? Guest Post!

So, how would you like to be a guest editor on, writing about sustainable eyewear or shades? Or perhaps there's just one specific topic or article you want to share? You can now guest post! Let us know your thoughts and ideas and we will contact you for follow up.

You can reach out to us by contacting us through the contact form here.

Some examples of topics we consider relevant for our community and visitors are: sustainability, and preferably Eyewear, Sunglasses, Fashion and Accessories. But you might have another suggestion. Let us know!

Want inspiration? Below you'll find a few articles go get your creative juices flowing. 

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