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First Single Release Of Music Artist Tess Mon Pere


Tess Mon Pere is a singer and fresh recording artist with West Avenue Records. Tess is one of a new generation of L.A. musicians to reckon with. And today marks one of the biggest days in her life, because she is releasing her very first single with her new record label West Avenue Records to the world: "Mantra"!

Tess' unique musical style in "Mantra"

Tess's musical style stands out. She has found a way to create something new and fresh, which leads to her own style of music.  Mantra has a ditinct pop sound, but the addition of warm percussion and guitar layers give it an oriental touch.

The fact that she likes to give her music, and even covers, a twist was already noticeable in everything she has released so far. Just take a look at her YouTube channel where you can find some examples of what she has been up to in recent years. As a super talented upcoming singer, she has made a lot of awesome covers that give a glimpse of what a full single release could potentially bring!

Tess Mon Pere

The awesome cover art for the track Mantra, by Tess Mon Pere

Fun facts about Tess Mon Pere

Some fun and interesting facts about Tess: She lives in Los Angeles, California, and was born in April 2002. From one of the promotional videos for the Musicash contest, you can see that her talents go beyond singing, as she is playing the piano like a pro, while singing "Can't Stop This Love".

Tess Mon Pere’s favorite color is purple, which was evident in her 18th-year birthday picture, and she graduated from college in July 2020. 

Tess Mon Pere

The talented musician that is Tess Mon Pere

Her relationship with Musicash Academy

As a young talent and artist, Tess Mon Pere competed in the Musicash online talent show and was one of the finalists. Musicash is a music contest that gives talented individuals the chance to reach their musical dreams and win big, including a career boosting sum of money, a contract with a record label, music video, a music tour, and to become part of the Musicash Academy. From one of her posts on Facebook, she declared how happy she was being a new member of the Academy.

Listen to Tess Mon Pere's "Mantra". A track worthy of a full music video! To @Westaverecords : are you listening?! 😉

“Today [Oct 23, 2017] was the best day at Musicash Academy. It was a fun day full of makeup, modeling, music, and fitness. I love Musicash family”

On September 28, 2019, she attended the release party of her friend, Katrina Stuart’s single release party “Blue Roses” at Musicash records in Liaison restaurant, Hollywood CA.

Social media presence

Tess Mon Pere has over 17.4k followers on Instagram and a continuously growing follower base on twitter with @tessmonpere as her handle on both social media networks. She regularly posts photos of herself, friends, and her family. One of the reasons people follow her is due to her positive approach and her ability to motivate others. She posts about her music with a smile that can melt the heart.

She also posts entertaining and informative videos about her music on her YouTube channel. This is also the place to go if you want to see prior work of hers, as well as possible music videos. Because one can only assume that a track like Mantra deserves one!

Tess Mon Pere performing "Can't Stop This Love"

Tess Mon Pere performing "Can't Stop This Love"

Tess' fashion sense

One thing you cannot take away from Tess Mon Pere is her fashion sense. From classy tops to denim to exceptional fashion outfits that probably make heads turn, she is an artist to beat. Tess Mon Pere has a good taste for fashion.
In several of her posts on Instagram, she can be seen rocking our very own BEINGBAR polarized sun eyewear.

Her debut single track

Tess Mon Pere is a super talented Musicash recording artist, and she is not shy about wanting to do more with her talent. Her latest debut single “Mantra”, a music track produced and released under the record label “West Avenue Records” will be dropping today, on August 29th, 2020.

Tess Mon Pere playing the piano while singing

Tess Mon Pere playing the piano while singing

Mantra single delay

According to Jeff Marino of West Avenue Records, it seems Tess' debut track should have been released a few months back. And we can only assume that the plans have been shrown around a bit by the global developments around COVID-19.

In one of his tweets, Jeff posted, “Who is ready for Tess Mon Pere’s first single set to release in June? It is going to be fire!! Debut Album, Music Videos, more Singles, you know the drill”.

Finally, we are glad the track is coming out, with only a minor delay. You can check it out here. From all of us at BEINGBAR, we wish Tess the best in her music career!

Tess Mon wearing Beingbar eyewear during one of the Musicash contest shoots

Tess Mon wearing Beingbar eyewear during one of the Musicash contest shoots

Tess was one of the stand out finalists of the Musicash talent show

This concludes this article about the new single release "Mantra" by Los Angeles music artist and talent Tess Mon Pere. It will certainly not be the last article we write about her.
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