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Katrina Stuart’s “Who She” Reaches Half A Million Views After Just Two Weeks


Half a Million views on YouTube for Kat's new music video!

After just shy of two weeks, Katrina Stuart’s latest music video “Who She” has raked in an incredible HALF A MILLION views on YouTube already. It's an impressive result by any standard. But it should not come as a total surprise. Why, you ask? Well, because the track is irresistibly catchy and the music video is a perfect match for it. The video is colorful, vibrant, fast paced-edited and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It's that much fun!

And don't forget the all-star cast of all her LA friends featured in the video!

Half a million views and counting, for Katrina's music video after just two weeks

Half a million views and counting, for Katrina's music video after just two weeks

Trending topic on Twitter, YouTube and other social channels

And that's not it! "Who She" has also been a trending topic on Twitter and other social media, like YouTube, during these two week. I am confident that you already know what it takes to become trending on these channels. It requires quality, and a lot of hard work from many talented people.

Katrina Stuart's latest music video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It's that much fun!

Wannabee Katrina is the "Who She girl"!

The video shows Katrina with a “wannabee Kat” who acts and dresses like her. And even stole her in-video boyfriend (played by actor Nelson N.). The rest of the video is about the rivalry between Kat and her group of friends and that of the “Who She” other girl (played by actress Taniah). The vibe in the video is highly competitive, including a (played) agressive basketball game. At the end you can see a cool pool party.

The video is fun, entertaining and is not meant to be taken seriously for its content, only the production values. It’s great entertainment for a great hit song!

Only the beginning

That video has now reached an incredible half a million views in a timespan of only two weeks! That is incredible. And as Kat’s star is rising, the video will attract many, many more viewers from this point.

The official music video of Katrina Stuart - "Who She"

BEINGBAR Sunglasses in Kat's video

And why do we care and write about it in our blog? Because like with many other artists and musicians over the last few years, BEINGBAR is proud supporter and sponsor of Kat's music video.  You could read as much in our previous post. The cool shades Katrina and the “Who She” rival girl are wearing are BEINGBAR sunglasses. And the all-star cast in the video are wearing their BEINGBAR sunglasses too! 

The team responsible for the “Who She” music video have done an impressive job and we are proud that we are a tiny part of the final product.

Sam Golbach, Corey Scherer, Colby Brock, Jake Webber, Reggie Webber, Kévin Langue and many others wearing BEINGBAR shades during filming of Who She

Sam Golbach, Corey Scherer, Colby Brock, Jake Webber, Reggie Webber, Kévin Langue and many others wearing BEINGBAR shades during filming of Who She.

Watch the music video and "Making Of"

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you go watch the music video! It’s a great summer hit and feel good material. And when you’re done watching the music video, go ahead and watch the pre-release first reaction of Katrina’s friends as they see the edited end result for the very first time! It’s great fun to see these guys cheer while almost counting the different frames that show their face.

Corey Scherer, Colby Brock, Sam Golbach, Jake Webber and Devyn Lundy respond to the final edit of the video.

And when you’re done watching the video, I recommend taking a look at the sustainable choice in BEINGBAR eyewear that Katrina and her friends are wearing, right here on the website.

BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear Sunglasses Model 07
BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear Sunglasses Model 24
BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear Sunglasses Model 32
BEINGBAR Sun Eyewear Sunglasses Model 04

Just four of the more than 14 different BEINGBAR sunglasses models that were used during the shoot of the music video

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So, this concludes this update on the latest music video of Katrina Stuart, that we have proudly sponsored. Are you interested in reading more about our high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach?

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Watch the Behind The Scenes video of Who She, starring Katrina Stuart and all her friends!

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