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Best Sunglasses For Men


What are the best sunglasses for men? It is a question that is easily (and according to search data, often,) asked. But it's quite a challenge to answer. For instance, many sites answer the question by showing you simply the best known (or marketed) brands. Affiliates mention the products with the best conversion and compensation for them. And all that without even asking what it is that you are looking for!

Does that sound like an objective answer to your simple question? I am here to point you to the most important elements you should think about to determine what the best sunglasses are for you. Sounds good?
Here we go.

Best sunglasses brand for men

Best sunglasses brand for men

Best sunglasses for Men

Think about what is important to you. Is is wearing comfort? Or durability? Perhaps it is the price? Or the brand? And what will you be using your sunglasses for? Is it for running? Driving or boating? Or perhaps you just want to look good and fashionable. Many things to consider. And when you know what to look for you can properly prepare yourself for your purchase.

The best sunglasses for men do not exist. There is a perfect pair for every man though...

The best sunglasses for men do not exist. There is a perfect pair for every man though...

Things to think about

The question what the best sunglasses are for men can not be answered properly without some base information about you. So here's a quick overview with things to think about during your search for the ultimate shades. You should primarily think about your lifestyle choices, the materials, the special features you want. And finally the brand you prefer.

Lifestyle choices

Do you lead an active life? Do you workout a lot? In that case it makes sense that you think about choosing durable materials. And preferably materials that are lightweight. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the road? Then you should consider choosing sunglasses with polarized lenses. I will tell you a bit more about these features in the "special features" part.

And interesting fact: you might be a spectacles wearer and think that you are limited in your choice of sunglasses because of that. Have you ever considered wearing contacts? This is for many people by far the best option! They do not fall out or fog up during your workout. And most importantly: you can wear literally any pair of sunglasses in conbination with your contacts. Here's a good article about the topic.

BEINGBAR Eyewear perfect for running

Do you need shades for an active  lifestyle?

Sunglasses materials

If you are in the market for sunglasses, you can choose from quite a variety of materials. The main choices you can make are between metal, plastics and organic materials like wood or bamboo. 


Within these main materials catagories are many different subtypes. Types of metal sunglasses are memory metal, (flex) titanium, stainless steel and gold-plating.


If you opt for plastics, you can choose between cellulose acetate, cellulose propionate, optyl, polyamide, carbon fibre, polycarbonate and the less common thermoplastic elastomer.

Fully natural

If you are interested in sustainable eyewear you should definitely go for fully natural materials. You can choose between materials like wood and bamboo. These materials are organic and will not end up in a landfill. And don't worry about their durability. With today's crafting techniques combined with nature's flexibility these will last just as long and often longer than non-natural based counterparts! 

Special features for sunglasses

Sunglasses can have multiple features. Here I will list some extras that you might want to think about before you go shopping. The most obvious extra you can get are polarized lenses. We've written many articles on this which you can read in our extensive blog section. But in short these are lenses that filter out glare caused by horizontal surfaces. Great if you spend a lot of time on the road, on water or outdoor sports, including snowy environments.

Another feature that you should consider are flexible hinges. These special hinges make sure the temples (legs) of your sunglasses are flexible. This can significantly extend the lifespan of your shades.

Flexible hinges will extend the life of your shades

Flexible hinges will significantly extend the life of your shades

Some other examples of special features are anti scratch or anti reflective coatings and mirror lenses. I recommend you think about the features you would like before you go shopping.  

Make sure you don't pay a premium price for premium features. We stronlgy believe that a brand should do everything they can to build products that last as long as possible. That means that certain "premium features" are a requirement for you to enjoy your shades for many years, up to a lifetime.

BEINGBAR shades, for example, have all these features built in. As standard.

Best sunglasses brand for you could well be a new brand

Best sunglasses brand for you could well be a new brand

Best sunglasses brand for men

The final element to consider is the brand. It might be that you have a preference for a certain brand. It could be that it's a brand you know and trust. Or a brand that you see everywhere which makes you believe it's a safe bet. But think about whether you prefer brand over quality, durability or even sustainability before you make the most obvious choice.

The best sunglasses for you might not be the obvious choice, but a conscious choice...

Happy hunting!

UV 400 Protection sunglasses label

UV 400 Protection sunglasses label

So, this concludes this article about the best sunglasses for men. Are you interested in reading more about high quality sunglasses with 100% UV protection (both UV-A and UV-B)? And more specifically about shades that take a different approach? Your BEINGBAR is the ultimate conscious and sustainable pair of sunglasses. They are hand made with natural materials and true principles. For people who make their own conscious choices. Join the revolution! Click here to read more. Or visit


At BEINGBAR we walk the talk. Our journey started in 2011 and we set out to make our own high quality sustainable eyewear and fashion accessories. It's the core pillar of what we do. We had an idea about how to do things better for you and for the environment. And as a team we simply made it happen.

Since that moment we work every day to make it better. Most of our eyewear is made with fastgrowing bamboo elements and we avoid the use of plastics at all cost in products, production and logisics. And more importantly, we make sure or products are built to last, not to replace.

Not sure the best way to get started? Follow these simple steps to hit the ground running:

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