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Cheap Sunglasses


Sunglasses are one of the best fashion accessories price-wise, and they do a lot more than add to your already existent cuteness. Naturally, sunglasses or shades (whatever name you prefer to call them) are primarily made for two purposes:

  • To make you look fashionable, and
  • To protect your eyes from injuries of any kind

Sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from Ultraviolet rays of the sun. If the eyes are left unprotected from direct exposure to these rays over time, it leads to damage to the retina and can also create eye problems such as cataracts.

You pass by a store and a fancy looking pair of glasses winks at you, and straight-up you went all out to get it. Paying no heed to the fact that they are made from inferior plastic and the price comes cheap. Feeling the dark lens and the beautiful frame and automatically, you feel like you’ve found the perfect tool. Like every other product type where quality is a necessity, inferior sunglasses are likely to put the health of your eyes at risk.

The risks of inferior sunglasses

There are a lot of risks attached to wearing cheap sunglasses made from cheap plastics and inferior materials, and it’s no good for you. So, getting the right sunglasses made from natural superior materials is a necessity to having good sight as long as you live, and BEINGBAR has just the perfect sunglasses for you.

Why you should snub using cheap sunglasses for good

Poor lenses:

Literally, sunglasses are meant to play a part in protecting your sight. Cheap sunglasses just have lenses that look cool but do not really play any real role. In fact, it is preferable to not use any lens than to use inferior lenses. Poor lenses can serve as a catalyst to ultraviolet rays penetrating the eyes while also impairing your vision.

Amplified exposure to intense ultraviolet rays:

Sunglasses are meant to filter out intense light and protect the eyes from being exposed to harsh light for an extended period of time, but cheap sunglasses do the opposite, they don’t filter the light or protect the eyes from being exposed to harsh sunlight and this, in turn, causes strains in the eye and headaches as well, which causes long term damage to the body system.

They lack anti-glare properties:

Sunglasses are meant to prevent glare, especially when one is close to water, but cheap sunglasses don’t do that. When you are close to the water they absorb the frustrating brightness and shadows caused by the reflection. Suitable sunglasses meant for the neutralizes this reflection and they cause little or no damage to you.

Pupil dilation:

As opposed to the way it appears, those super dark lenses you find on a cheap, are doing you more harm than good. They do not truly protect the eyes from the sun. Normally, wearing proper sunglasses prevents your pupils from being dilated and helps them constrict so they can prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the eyes. Wearing cheap sunglasses dilate the eyes which give more allowance for ultraviolet rays to have access to the eyes.

Low optical quality:

Cheap sunglasses sometimes appear to provide clear vision each time you put them on for the first few minutes, but when you wear them after a full day, you will experience strain in the eye, and more often than not this is caused by the inferior material used in making them and sometimes the warping of the lenses in the frame.

Low impact resistance(low durability):

Good sunglasses have high impact resistance. In the event of a heavy collision or accident of any kind, it can protect the eye from any injury that will cause lasting damage to the eyes.  If you take your chance with those cheap glasses with little or no impact resistance, you are in danger of incurring lasting damages to the eyes.

The eye is a very essential part of the human system and keeping it in good shape is important for healthy living. Using cheap sunglasses doesn't cut it. It will not bode well.

Maintaining good sight is important irrespective of your age. The eyes are linked to the brain through the optical nerves and anything that affects the eyes affect the brain indirectly. Good sunglasses are just a few bucks more than the cheap inferior ones, why not spend a couple of bucks more and secure good health and perfect sight.

Conclusion: you should always avoid using cheap sunglasses that ultimately lead to nothing but long term damage to our eyes and health.

Why You Choose BEINGBAR® Eyewear:

  • The truth about why, with BEINGBAR®, you will not contribute to our world's waste problem with shades that are Plastic-Free by design*. And how your choice leads to waste clean-up initiatives through donations. You can make the difference!
  • Find out how the "hand-built-with-love principle" ensures small quantities of unique products, making you finally stand out from the rest of the crowd!
  • The absolute best built-in features (like spring hinges) that will significantly extend your BEINGBAR® shades' product life and thus prevent them from littering landfills or the environment!
  • The easy-to-apply, sure-fire way how you will get the most from every single moment, with one ingenious feature. Maximize those special moments with your friends and loved ones!
  • Learn how BEINGBAR® products have premium features, like Polarized lenses, that remove glare and make you see clearer. And at NO additional cost for you!
  • Discover the difference in materials used, like fast-growing bamboo and wood, that replace traditional plastics. So you minimize your contribution to our plastic waste problem by making a conscious choice!
  • The undisclosed secret why many creative artists and musicians choose BEINGBAR® to express themselves
  • See how your BEINGBAR® has all technical features you'd expect and more, but for an honest price without hidden upsells and premiums, so you can spend your hard-earned cash on other fun things!
  • Understand how the conscious choice in materials leads to extremely light weight products and make them your most comfortable eyewear ever!

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