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The 8 Reasons Why Bamboo Is The Best Material For Sunglasses


Durable, flexible and eco-friendly material

At ​BEINGBAR® we choose to craft our Sun Eyewear from bamboo as main material. Yes, we also craft products from ethically sourced wood and metal, but bamboo is by far our favorite. This is a choice we made when we first started our little sunglasses business back in 2011. In this article ​we explain why.

We ​considered many different materials and ​tested them against our principles and values. For instance, we wanted to have a sustainable product. At the time "sustainable" and "eco-friendly" were not yet in fashion. So we had to find out ourselves what material fit this description and what materials didn't. When we did our research is was only natural that we ended up with bamboo. It is for many reasons the perfect green choice.


​Flexible and strong

Besides the environmental reason, another important value we took as starting point was durability. There are other posts available on that explain how I started this shades-crafting journey.​ In short, it was when my expensive pair broke (again). And when I was looking for a new pair, it didn't seem like ​the available products were made to last. So ​my mission was to craft ​products that were (are) durable.​

Advantages of bamboo

So, for a pair of sunglasses to last, the material had to be both strong and flexible. And ​combined with our eco-friendly requirements, we ended up with bamboo as ​our core material. It's no wonder, because it ticks all the boxes. It is very hard to find any disadvantages of working with bamboo. 

Bamboo sayings and proverbs

There are quite a few ​Japanese sayings and proverbs about bamboo that explain its benefits well. A good one is "The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists". Or: "Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind". Next time when you thoughtlessly jump in your car and hear a "​snap" before realizing those were your expensive plastic shades, think about ​thse proverbs. And then consciously choose its replacement!

​The perfect material for fashion

Bamboo grows ​incredibly fast and is very strong. It is used in most parts of the world for building. For instance, it is estimated that around one billion people live in houses made from bamboo (actually, here's a bonus-bamboo proverb about this: "It's better to have a meal without meat, than a house without bamboo". Besides houses, people also craft the most wonderful products from bamboo. From clothing to furniture to disposables.

Top 8 reasons why bamboo is the best material for shades:

So, by now you know that we craft the best looking ​eyewear from bamboo for a reason. ​And after this introduction it is time to finally list the Top 8 reasons why bamboo is the best material for your sunglasses. ​After reading this you will be left wondering why so many of the "big brands" continue to work with cheap plastic... before you realize you do understand. ​

Bamboo sunglasses are ​your best choice when you are looking for a new pair or shades, because:

  1. Bamboo is a lot more sustainable than plastics or other fibre materials that are glued together with non-natural, chemical based materials
  2. Bamboo gives a great, natural and organic look. Not two products look exactly the same
  3. Bamboo is very lightweight so very comfortable to wear. Perfect if you need to wear them for a longer time. For instance during a hike or a run.
  4. No pesticides and herbicides are required to protect bamboo from weeds, insects, fungi or viruses. Besides the environmental impact of these chemicals, people are becoming more conscious of chemicals used in their foods, shampoos and other substances they come into contact with. A double win!
  5. Bamboo only requires water and sun to grow
  6. Bamboo grows incredibly fast. Some types of bamboo grow up to 90 centimeters (cm) per day! We say that again: Almost one meter per day!
  7. Bamboo also regrows very easily. After the bamboo is harvested, the same plant continues to grow. No additional land or plant is needed to keep the production going. So no deforestation required
  8. Bamboo absorbs more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and produces up to 35% more Oxygen than most other plants and trees

​Mechanical ​vs chemical processing of bamboo

When it comes to processing bamboo, there are two methods. There is the Mechanical processing and the Chemical processing. The latter is used more for extracting fibers, for instance for clothing. ​BEINGBAR® Sunglasses are crafted using the mechanically processed bamboo. After that the products are hand crafted.

Choice of eyewear: choose consciously!

So if you consider buying sunglasses, bamboo is your most sustainable choice and best for our planet. And if you are concerned with the working conditions of the people on our ​planet, BEINGBAR® is a great choice. If you visit our About page you will find the ground priciples we live by.

So, this concludes this article about the Top 8 reasons why bamboo is the best material for your shades. Are you interested in reading more about high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach. BEINGBAR shades are the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit ​

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