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Trendy Sunglasses This Season (2020 update)


90s inspired sunglasses trends

One of this season's big sunglasses trends are shades that are inspired by the fashion of the late nineties. Old styles that are "in fashion" again is not a new phenomenon of course. We've seen a revival of many iconic styles and trends from days past every couple of years. There are many different styles inspired by different eras, just like with fashion. Some are passing quickly and do not really catch on. Others are here to stay for longer.

There are many different styles inspired by different eras, just like with fashion. Some are passing quickly and do not really catch on. Others are here to stay for longer.

From iconic 50s style, to 70s style to 90s...

An example are the more classic models from the fifties a few years back (although one could argue that they never really left). There has been a 60s and a 70s revival, and now a 90s revival. New models inspired by iconic design sunglasses (and their then-famous sunglasses wearers) from back in the day.

In this article we sum up some of the different sunglasses styles influenced by different eras.

Small 90s skinny sunglasses:

Small skinny sunglasses that were especially hot in the nineties are small in size and therefore provide you significantly less protection from the sun than most other models (the sunlight passes the protective lenses from the bottom, top and sides easily). But as we have often explained there is a clear split in sun eyewear lovers, between functional and fashionable... And Fashionistas tend to care less for minor details like eye protection. The small 90s skinny sunglasses trend (re)started last season and continues throughout the current fashion season. And it looks like it's here to stay for a while!

Mirror lens sunglasses:

Mirror lens sunglasses have never been gone since they were first introduced in the 50s (1948 to be exact). But what is different in today's eyewear fashion is that the trend more than ever moves towards brighter and more flashy colors. Color is a great way to express yourself. And when your lens color is amplified by the mirror effect, you have something special. Make sure you choose the right colors that match your overall style. And your mood! We have quite some articles about this topic on our website.

Stylish colored tinted sunglasses:

One of the biggest trends is colored tinted sunglasses. These are the sunglasses you know and love, but now available with different colored and tinted lenses. This style of sunglasses are in fashion since the last five seasons, while you clearly see the color palette changing year-over year. The current color palette of these colored tinted sunglasses are inspired by pastel colors. You have pastel colored lenses in all colors of the rainbow, but most popular are light blue, burnt orange, pink, and sunshine yellow colors.

Oversized 70s square sunglasses:

Oversized sunglasses are perfect for the summer season because they protect your eyes and the skin aorund them from sunlight and damaging UV rays. And wrinkles! Oversized square sunglasses have a wide range of variations in designs from year to year. These sunglasses are known to give you a beautiful "classy" and charming look. Although you see many women over their 30s with this style, it is popular among different age brackets and generations. Look out for celebrities wearing this style, because they have this classy, rich look. And they provide maximum protection from fans and photographers, besides the sun's rays!

Revamped Aviator Sunglasses:

Aviator-style sunglasses are popular with both men and women. It's shape is known to fit almost all face types and shapes. Here's an interesting article about sunglasses shapes and face types, where you can see the face types that suit this style sunglasses well. Spoiler alert: it's almost all types. Desigers experiment quite a bit with the original design. This group of Aviator-inspired models are called the "revamped aviators". We see them a lot in recent years, especially the model with the double nose bridge (see image above).

This season it is also safe to take out your Aviator-style sunglasses. The revamps you find in stores today range from classy classic with glam gold-finish, to modern with powder coated pastel color. You can wear them at any occasion, including your favorite festivals. Available in both classic sizes and oversized.

Big cat-eye sunglasses:

Cat-eye sunglasses are all the trend this season. Oversized cat sunglasses are typically worn by women, unless you're a really expressive type. These Feminist quality sunglasses cover the eyes very well and protect your eyes from wrinkles, caused by harmful UV rays from the sun. This model is great if you have distinct facial features, because they emphasize your cheeks. For this style you need to be somewhat expressive and not too shy. This model type screams "look-at-me!" and adds a boat load of style and personality!

Cool Top flat Sunglasses:

Cool flat top sunglasses are the most recently new designed true innovation. and it's taking over this fashion season! These sunglasses have the iconic big, flat and squared mask-style lenses (or one lens, to be more exact). Specifically the shape and design of the lenses stands out. You might know these as the sunglasses that are placed on many meme images on social media linked to the word "cool".

These shades are in high demand and extremely popular with both men and women and give you a very unique look. Its double metal bar elevates your outfit. some people feel they reminisce the old school D frame. Top flat sunglasses are highly in trend and gives you a cool vibe that surely makes you stand out. 

So, this concludes this article about the most trendy sunglasses you will see this season. Are you interested in reading more about high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach. BEINGBAR shades are the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit


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