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Beingbar® – Who we are

Beingbar® is a Fashion Brand created in 2011. We create the best Exclusive, Natural looking Sun Eyewear and Accessories in the world! (so we’ve heard) How we do this? We design our gear with a few base principles that guide us…

We craft products with natural materials whenever possible. We limit environmental impact with conscious material choices (for instance, we often use fast growing bamboo or wood for our products). We always ship our products in 100% plastic-free packaging, with a personal, customized touch. And on the inside of every design you will find a hidden message to remind you to stay present and enjoy the moment. Always. Here. Now.®

Discover the Beingbar® brand of Exclusive, Natural Design Sun Eyewear and Accessories

Unique Natural Design & Hand Crafted with Care

Discover the Beingbar® brand of Exclusive, Natural Design and Hand Crafted Sun Eyewear (Sunglasses) and Fashion Accessories. Our products are designed to look natural, organic and unique. To accomplish this our products are Hand Crafted with care, using natural and organic elements when we can. We limit environmental impact by making conscious material choices, like fast growing bamboo or wood. Our products are shipped worldwide in packaging that is Consciously Plastic Free. For this we use recycled paper and eco friendly printing ink. We select our logistic partners based on what they do to limit their (and thus our) environmental impact. Every choice we make, is a Conscious one!

If you wear Beingbar® gear, you look awesome and unique, while you express to the world that you made a Conscious, better Choice.

All Beingbar Sunglasses come standard with High Quality Polarized Lenses

always. here. now.®
In every Beingbar® design you will find this hidden reminder... always remind you of being

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We ship your Beingbar® to anywhere in the world for discounted rates. In some cases for FREE, but you never pay more than 14.99. Anywhere!

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Respect for EVERYONE

Hand crafted under good working conditions and traded for fair prices, limiting environmental impact

Consciously Plastic-Free™ Certified

Packaging produced without plastic, limiting environmental impact.
Beingbar® products created with natural materials where possible

Always. Here. Now.®

The iconic Always. Here. Now.® message from Beingbar® designed on every product
Always reminding you of Being!