Sunglasses for artists and musicians

Natural materials

Maximum features

True principles

Sunglasses are a signature accessory for lots of artists throughout the years, from a legendary musician like Freddie Mercury to an iconic actress like Marilyn Monroe. We all know them for their signature shades and cannot picture those artists without them. This is exactly what you want – being remembered for your talent as well as your iconic style. BEINGBAR is always looking for marvelous brand ambassadors who support our goal: preserving the planet for future generations.

Discover signature sunglasses with our ambassador program for artists and musicians

At BEINGBAR, we are always looking for amazing ambassadors who can support our sunglasses – think of artists like musicians and actors. Do you care about fashion and the planet? Our stylish sunglasses are the way to show your care for the world we live in, while looking awesome as ever. From mirrored sunglasses to the classic aviator sunglasses, at BEINGBAR you find a pair of shades to match every style. All our sunnies are made from organic materials and shipped in biodegradable boxes. This way, you can look and feel amazing while taking care of the planet!

Become a BEINGBAR eyewear model

Are you an upcoming musician who would like to feature our sunglasses, just like all the artists before you? Then make sure to contact our staff by sending an email to We are more than happy to welcome you to our little family of Epicureans. All kinds of artists are welcome to join the ambassador program for our sustainable eyewear, as well as an aspiring musician.