Polarized lenses. What does it mean?

And why does it matter?

Standard sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. Polarized lenses do the same while adding more contrast and reduces glare. That is the very short summary. The technical explanation is that when sunlight bounces back from horizontally places objects or surfaces, the reflection normally is reflected back in horizontal direction. This can cause a glare. Especially in environments where the horizontal surface is very promiment. Examples are water (ocean, rivers), snow and the road, while driving, hiking or cycling.

Just compare both images on this page. These are actual pictures taken through a lens from a Beingbar® product. Important to know is that polarized does not mean the image is blue. That's just the blue colored lens. You should look at the contrast in the image.

Beingbar Sun Eyewear BNGBR_WFS_200208 Dark Blue Wood Blue Polarized Sunglasses main image
Higher Contrast, Less Glare

Polarized Lenses are a Beingbar® Standard

This is something you need to experience to understand the difference in comfort! Once you have tried it, you will not soon move back to non-polarized sunglasses.
Polarized Lenses are the Beingbar® Standard. Not optional, not for a premium price, but always included in the normal price!

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