Special, Organic Design 

That Makes You Truly Stand Out!

Wouldn't it be great if fashion, and more specifically eyewear, would be different? Would make you stand out and look special?

Beingbar® has unique designs. We use Natural materials to enrich our products. Examples are Fast-growing Bamboo and Wood elements. These elements make the design look special and organic.

Some of the core models are what you'd expect, with most of the Usual Suspects in shapes and sizes. But complemented with fresh vibrant colors and the iconic natural design elements, your Beingbar® really looks truly special. And makes you stand out. On the beach, at a party, and anywhere in between.

Beingbar® products are hand crafted for you. Not mass produced in automated factories. They are crafted by real people with real passion, and it shows. Because they are hand made they can look slightly different from one another. But that's a good thing, just like you yourself are unique! And because they are not mass produced, quantities per model are relatively low, so you will not soon see anyone else with your Beingbar®. The downside, of course, is that a model you really love can sometimes be sold out fast.

To top this all off, our products come standard with polarized lenses for most of the range. And almost all of the models have high quality elements, like Flexible Hinges (or 'Spring Hinges', as they are sometimes called), which increase their product life significantly. Many other brands charge you a premium for "upsell" features like this, but not Beingbar®.

The Problem:

The ​sunglasses you know are all the same: Uninspired, "samey" looking, mass produced, cookie cutter, run-of-the-mill stuff. Made as cheaply as possible. Products with a lifestyle image attached but not an inspiring story.

And if the products are the same, what does that mean for how you look? You are unique, so why would you settle for boring and mundane?

The Solution:

Beingbar® products are handmade goodness. Crafted with care with specific materials that make them look familiar, but with a unique twist. ​We craft your Beingbar Eyewear ​with ​as much natural materials as the design allows. Examples are fast-growing bamboo and wood.

​They make you stand out from the crowd. Awesome looking products, hand made in very small batches:  unique and special, like you!