Live Every Single Moment of your Life

​Raise your BEINGBAR

Your life is too short to Not live it every moment. The BEINGBAR movement is all about raising the bar and getting the most out of every single moment.

You're on a mission and have so many plans. Sometimes it feels like there are not enough moments in a day. The Beingbar brand represents a movement of people who know what they're capable of and what they can do. They push their boundaries and use every single moment of the day to the fullest.

We, the founders of the Beingbar® brand, at a certain moment in our lives realized the importance of "Living in the Present Moment" and what it can do for you. How it can significantly improve the quality of your life.

Living in the Present Moment means to Focus on Now. Not always looking at "what's next" in your future and not dwelling on things that happened in the past. The principle teaches you to keep your attention in the present, where your life happens. 

Many troubles and worries disappear with this mindset which leaves space for enjoying your lifeA realization that can help you significantly.

And what does this mean for you you ask? Well, you might know the theory behind being present. And you might even practice it at certain moments, but the constant influx of things screaming for your attention can cause you to forget this time and time again. Before you know it your mind is distracted again and busy with The Next Thing. Or Moment.

This lead to the idea to add a secret message to the Beingbar® product designs. In every frame, accessory, T-shirt in the collection, you'll find a hidden message to remind you to stay present.

This special Beingbar® Reminder is there only if you are looking for it and not visible when you're wearing it. For people who don't have any affinity with present moment awareness it might as well not be there. But in today's day and age, we would argue that everyone can use a reminder like that! 

(Chances are that you can use it too, otherwise you would not be reading this!)

The Problem:

In this busy time of hyper-connectedness, social media, and “always on” mentality ​you ​might sometimes ​forget what really matters in life (like almost everyone else!): to enjoy every moment and focus on what's in your life Right Now. So not tomorrow. And not yesterday. But Right Now. At this very moment.

​There are some ​rare people you look up to and that you respect for their attention, energy or perhaps their success. They seem to have everything worked out and in control.

Chances are they already master this. They do one thing at a time and live by the Always. Here. Now.® principle! 

The Solution:

You can master this too!

At ​BEINGBAR® we believe that everyone could use a continuous reminder of “Being”. Being grounded, Being balanced. You can be most successful and get the most out of your life if you live by this simple principle.

For this purpose we created different ranges of really cool looking reminders. Our hand crafted items are a fashionable equivalent of Huxley’s reminder birds. Whenever you feel distracted, unfocused or stressed you will have a secret reminder with you, to draw your attention to the moment.

It's a fun little feature that can actually change your life, like it has changed the lives of thousands already!