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Best Sunglasses For Running Outdoors


BEINGBAR Eyewear perfect for running

Eyewear perfect for running

Introduction to sunglasses for runners

Want to know everything about the best sunglasses for running outdoors? There are many runners that wear sunglasses and many that don't. For both groups I have put together valuable information. From an answer to the most basic questions (should you wear shades during your outdoor run or not?) to what to look for when selecting ultimate running pair. And from functionality and features to more style related aspects. 

Continue reading if you love running outdoors and want to learn everything there is to know about running sunglasses.

Should you wear sunglasses while running?

The short answer is yes. When you spend considerable time outdoors, you have a high risk of longer term eye damage from the sun's UV rays. Some people prefer not to wear sunglasses or only when they are driving or go to the beach. But during running you have your eyes open quite a bit. Gazing at infinity you don't realize that the rays do their eye damaging work. So I recommend you always wear UV protective eyewear. Even on cloudy days.

So if you're one of those people that prefer not to run with sunglasses on, I have this to say to you: you might have had a bad experience with sunglasses during a run before. It could be that they bounced on your nose too much (and after 1.000, 2.000, 3.000 steps this can start to hurt!). Or you couldn't see properly because they were blocking too much light. Or your shades even fell off your face during a run. Know that there are really good sunglasses out there that weight next to nothing and fit on your face perfectly. 

What to look for when choosing running sunglasses

There are a few things to think about when you consider buying shades for running. You should be able to focus on your run and perform your best. You should not be worrying about your running gear. And that certainly includes your sunglasses. The following elements are crucial for comfortable sunglasses for running outdoors: Weight, Aerodynamics and a Good fit.


First of all your running sunglasses need to be very lightweight. You should not feel them while wearingnthem. A rule of thumb is that you should be looking for frames that weight a maximum of 30 grams. Tests have shown that anything below 30 grams is very comfortable.

BEINGBAR Eyewear is extremely lightweight

Extremely lightweight sunglasses for running


Is makes sense that the lenses are placed in a nice curve, so that wind from the front and sides is aerodynamically redirected past your lenses and face. Try to avoid frames with lenses that are flat. Examples are the mask-style products. But you do not have to choose one of those frames that have that distinct runner's look though. If the frame is light enough and the fit is good, you can choose a more fashionable model for running without any problems!

Good fit

Just like with the weight requirements you need a pair of shades that suit your face like a glove... Well, not literally of course. But they need to fit you very well so they don't move during your run. The last thing you want is that your very lightweight sunglasses get picked up by the wind and get blown from your face. So take a shape and size that fit you well. Most sunglasses brands offer you the option to buy several pairs, pick the one that fits best and send the others back without any hassle.

UV protection for outdoor sports

As said in the introduction already, you are more at risk of damaging your eyes when you are an a outdoor runner than someone who goes to the gym. Or someone doing any other indoor sports for that matter. A serious runner gets into a flow after the first few kilometers and does not mind his or her eyes after a while. You tend to not mind at all, which is the great thing about running! Make sure you are prepared well and wear your sunglasses. There are highly funtional ones, but today you also have the choice to go for very fashionable shades too.

Polarized lenses for running

We always recommend you choose polarized lenses for running. Polarized lenses have a special coating inside the lens that filter out horizontal glare. For a runner this is crucial, because guess what the long road ahead does to sunlight? Yes! The surface of the road reflects all that light and bounces it back as horizontal "polarized" beams beams of light that causes extreme glare under the right (or wrong!) conditions. Polarized lenses provide protection against that. And as an additional bonus you do not get blinded by the glare and can better watch where you're going. This prevents you from tripping or even getting lost during your afternoon run!

Running sunglasses brands

There are some brands that are specifically marketed to runners. Examples are Tifosi Optics (Swank), Oakley, Goodr, Julbo (Aorolite), Roka, and Under Armour (Rival). And not just the brands, but also the models are quite distinct. For some die hard running fanatics these are the only running shades they consider. But there is a new generation of runners that look for more style and swag during their run. They do not accept to wear shades that they would not wear during other activities than running. For those there are other options with a perfect fit and extremely low weight. Some BEINGBAR shades, for instance, weigh only 19 grams. The same comfort during your run, but with the addition of style.

Running sunglasses Amazon

You can always go to Amazon or Ali Express for running sunglasses. But make sure you buy sunglasses from a reputable brand. Some no-brand products claim high comfort or features like polarized lenses. And when you open up the box you find out that it is not really (or really not) what you were looking for. Some shady sellers that do not have to worry about things like brand reputation know that only a small percentage of people will actually test and raise their hand, even when their purchase is disappointing.

Pick a brand you can trust, and preferably from parts in the world with strong quality and safety regulation, like the EU or the US.

Prescription running sunglasses

Running sunglasses with prescription lenses do exist. These are made specifically for the wearer and are therefore perfectly tailored for what you need.  Yes, they are expensive. But anything made specifically for you is. And the good news is that you can order them in any shape, size and fit.

Running aviator sunglasses

Yes, there are cool looking aviator style sunglasses suitable for running! Take a look at these. They are polarized, ultra lightweight and really cool. Next time you're running in the forest or during an official run you need to ask people to stop staring at you because it gets distracting when you're trying to perform! Ha! But all jokes aside. They are seriously cool looking. you should give them a try.

So, this concludes this article about the best sunglasses for running outdoors. Are you interested in reading more about high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a very different approach? BEINGBAR shades are the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses, made with natural materials. Ultra lightweight for the ultimate fit. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit


At BEINGBAR we walk the talk. Our journey started in 2011 and we set out to make sustainable fashion accessories and eyewear. It's the core pillar of what we do. Unlike big companies we didn't just carefully change one production line to "see how the market responds" or have a requirement to "launch at current profit levels".  We had an idea about how to do things better and as a team we simply made it happen. And since that moment we work everyday to make it better. 

Most of our eyewear is made with fastgrowing bamboo elements and we avoid the use of plastics at all cost in products, production and logisics. And more importantly, we make sure or products are built to last, not to replace. 

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