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Best Sunglasses For Women


Do you want to know which are the best sunglasses for fashion-minded women? We've got you covered! We have all the details right here in our latest post about the best sun eyewear for fashionable women!

Chances are you recognize this feeling: a wave of extreme happiness when you've bought the perfect, most beautiful dress or pair of shoes. And even better: the feeling when your fresh purchase appears to be just the perfect fit for your body. Even after you've left the fashion store's fitting room! 

Sunglass style, amplifying your beauty

And it gets even better when you choose the right sunglass to crown your new gorgeous look! The elegant and classy look that comes with wearing the exact right type of sunglasses. The type that fits the beautiful features of your face and gorgeous outfit.

They amplify each other and make you complete. Also, the ooze of extra confidence (let alone UV protection against the excessive sun) that comes when those stylish frames are elegantly positioned on your face... just priceless.

The right sunglasses style amplify your features and beauty

The right sunglasses style amplify your features and beauty

Classic or trending sunglass style

Whether you want to go for a classic design or a new one that catched your eye from the trending 'styles on parade' by celebrities, you need to choose just right to achieve that stunning and confident look.

And before you step into that boat of choice, you need to be aware of the kind of sunglasses that best fit your face type (shape). The fact that it looks great online doesn't necessarily mean it will look good on you! And you may have thought to tread the 'trial and error road' to figure out what exactly makes you stunning and singled out with those best sunglasses for women. The truth is you might need some professional help to make the best choice for you. 

How do you select the best sunglasses

How do you select the best sunglasses

Make a better choice of sunglasses

There is a long list of options you can draw inspiration from and make better choices of sunglasses based on face type. From there, you can match your face type and then, know the kind of sunglasses that gives you that stunning and confident look.

Best sunglass pick

Below is a list of the best sunglasses you can pick. These pairs are broken down for you to make your best choice whether everyday sunglasses, special occasion sunglasses, etc.

Let's start with the types of faces, the styles, and then a list of sunglasses that fit such faces respectively.

A breakdown of the best styles of sunglasses

A breakdown of the best styles of sunglasses

Round faces:

You have this facetype when you measure wide across the cheekbones, and narrow along the forehead and jawline. The length and width of the face are almost the same, This shape fits quite a few styles. However, you should avoid distinct round or oversized styles. Go for more angular (like rectangular or cat eye) frames instead.

Styles to use by round faces: Slim cat-eye, Retro square, wide rectangular frames.

Sunglasses to wear when you have a round face type

You have many choices, including Chloe Rectangular Sunglasses, Mango Acetate Sunglasses, Chimi Kiwi Sunglasses, Loewe square Sunglasses, Beautiful stranger sunglasses, Warby Parker Perkins sunglasses, etc. And you should definitely take a look in the BEINGBAR eyewear section while you're at it.

Different face shapes require different styles and shapes of eyewear

Different face shapes require different styles and shapes of eyewear

Square faces:

These types of faces are seen regularly with angular features. Well described by a broad forehead with a strong jawline and minimal curves to the cheekbones. Curved frames that help to soften the sharp features of their type of face should be the lookout for by these types of faces. They fit well with rounded frames of sunglasses.

Styles to use by square faces: Cat-eye, Flat top, Rectangular forms, and aviators.

Sunglasses to wear for square face type

Celine Shield Sunglasses, Krewe Aviator Sunglasses, Zara two-tone Sunglasses, Ness Aviator Sunglasses, Tony square cat-eye Sunglasses, etc.

The best sunglasses brands and models for you are determined by your face shape

The best sunglasses brands and models for you are determined by your face shape

Oval faces:

It is synonymous exactly to the shape name - oval! Best described as faces with wide foreheads and longer faces, the balanced cheekbones, foreheads, and jawlines. They are the types of faces that permit any style of frame and frame shape work.

Styles to use by oval faces: All style fits.

Sunglasses to wear for oval face type

Ray-Ban pink Sunglasses: They are Sunglasses with a green lens that allows for absorbance of 55℅ of visible light and soften and warm the face.

Others are Polaroid Sunglasses, Illesteva grey Sunglasses, Nowhere Sunglasses, Romy rimless round Sunglasses, 57MM The coupe cat-eye Sunglasses, Half-Rim wire Sunglasses, etc.

Heart faces:

They are characterized with broader brows at forehead, narrow chin across the narrow cheekbone.

Styles to use by heart faces: Cat-eye, Aviator, and Round Styles.

Different women have different face shapes and eyewear model requirements

Different women have different face shapes and eyewear model requirements

Sunglasses to wear for heart face type

Adam Selman × Le specs flex sunglasses: It has specs such as rimless glasses and a modern rectangular frame with a side shield lenses to avert extreme brightness on all angles in the face of the sun.

Others are: Grey ant acetate

Diamond face:

This Joe of faces has the width of forehead smaller than the width of cheekbones and also has a narrow chin.

Styles to use by diamond faces: All styles fit in.

Sunglasses to wear

Ezra 5mm Semi-Rimless Sunglasses, 48MM Tiny Wire Oval Sunglasses, Claudia overside (standard), etc.

This shape of eyewear suits many different women's face shapes

This shape of eyewear suits many different women's face shapes

With the above illustrations and suggestions, you can make the right choices and get your custom type of sunglasses. Regardless of your decision while picking, we are sure you would be glad you did not just go for the style but also for the perfect matches to your face. Sunglasses are the real deal for protection against excessive sun and reduction in premature aging. Time and again, it has proved its relevance.


So, this concludes this article about the Best Sunglasses For Women. We have written many more similar articles. For instance about sunglasses sizes, face shapes and lens colors, to select your perfect pair. We also have shared our take on the Best Sunglasses For Men. Are you interested in reading more about our high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach? Visit our blog where we post new articles every single week!

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