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Beach Sunglasses


Beach sunglasses

Beach sunglasses are cute shades that you can wear to the beach. And I hear you say "can't you take any pair of sunnies to the beach?". And you would be right. But it is not only what you want to wear on your face when you're at the beach, but also what makes sense. For instance from an eye protection and comfort point of view. Think about the cocktail of sand, salt, wind, sun. Most people love it, but what about your sun eyewear?

Beach sunglasses have the beach look and all the important features

Beach sunglasses have the beach look and all the important features

Lenses with protective coating

For instance, if you enjoy going to the beach you might want to consider wearing sunglasses with additional protective coating on the lenses. Sand and salty water can do quite some irreversible damage overtime if you have low quality lenses.  The salt can corrode the coating and the tiniest grain of sand can leave scratches. High quality lenses have additional protection against these specific elements.

Yellow and amber lenses amplify beach colors

Another thing to keep in mind is that you choose a color lenses that filters that amplify the specific beach colors well. If you take yellow or amber tinted lenses you'll have the absolute best visual experience at the beach. Not only will the sky and clouds really 'pop', you will also see a lot clearer what's happening in and around the water.

The view with beach shades with amber, brown or yellow tinted lenses

The view with beach shades with amber, brown or yellow tinted lenses

Colorful shades

And then again, for some people "beach sunglasses" are sunglasses that have that beach look to them. Often very colorful and playful. Who wouldn't want to look their best when they stroll down the beach? You want to stand out and make heads turn. But beyond looks, you should definitely consider their features and durability.

Beach sunglasses brands

some brands that are considered to be beach sunglasses are not surprisingly also the brands that are marketed to surfers. They have that cool, casual look to them. Sometimes rugged looking, mostly when the sunglasses are made for (or marketed to) men. Beach shades for women on the other hand can either have the same rugged look or have an irrestable cute look and feel.

Beach sunglasses

Beach sunglasses with the right lenses can make colors pop

What is surprising though is that beach sunglasses often highlight their looks instead of their features. So whenever you're tempted to buy a cool looking pair of shades for this season, don't expect to find a lot of details about protective coating. You have to think about those things yourself. If you do, you'll enjoy your sunglasses for longer. And even if you are primarily concerned about how you look, remember that you will look your best if your shades are in top notch condition. So make sure you come prepared!

Beach sunglasses have lenses with better salt and sand protection

Beach sunglasses have lenses with better salt and sand protection

BEINGBAR Beach lifestyle sunglasses

If you're interested in eco-friendly shades that tick almost all of the boxes if you value style, quality and sustainability. BEINGBAR sunglasses are handmade with natural materials and true principles. They look awesome in over 40 different models. You'll find the classic shapes you know and love, as well as trend setting new shapes and styles.

These shades come standard with polarized lenses and premium features. And the price is not at all what you expect it to be. You can have it all for less.

Visit is you want to read more about the sustainable sunglasses range and the company values.


So, this concludes this article about beach sunglasses. Are you interested in reading more about our high quality sunglasses? And more specifically in shades that take a different approach?

BEINGBAR® shades are high quality eyewear with premium features built in as standard. And we craft what we call "the ultimate conscious and sustainable sunglasses". We make eco-friendly gear that minimizes the use of plastic. Our latest frames have been engineered without plastic at all, and another range is coming up, that's made of Ecotate™. Including products, packaging and shipping boxes. For people who make their own conscious choices. Click here to read more. Or visit

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