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Top Seven Sunglasses Tips for Healthier Eyes


Sunglasses can, in many ways, contribute significantly to healthier eyes. This is the primary reason why they were invented (besides seeing more clearly on bright, sunny days). Some of these tips you know already and some might be new. But note that these tips combined have the biggest positive impact on your eye health. 
In this article we give the Top 7 tips on how to use your favorite pair of shades to keep your eyer healthy this season! Here we go:

The Top 7 Sunglasses Tips for Healthier Eyes:

1) Wear UV protective eyewear whenever your eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light, even in the winter months and on more cloudy days.

2) Know where your sunglasses are coming from, so their quality is guaranteed. Don’t buy them on shady marketplaces, primarily based on price. Choose quality over quantity if you can. 

3) Look for quality sunglasses with at least “UV400” rating. These sunglasses block 99 to 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB radiation keep your eyes healthy.

4) Choose the lens color that suits you best. Amber and yellow tinted lenses protect best against blue light. Polarized lenses filter most of the glare and replection from horizontal surfaces, which is great for outdoor activities like driving, skiing and water sports.

5) If you don’t want any distortion of your vision because of the lens type, you can select dark green or gray-colored lenses, preferably gradient (going from light to darker colored). They reduce light intensity without changing the color and shadows of the objects around you. So most people consider this the most natural vision with sunglasses.

6) Many people forget the eye protection of kids. According to research this is because in today’s parents did not wear sunglasses when they were kids (different times and different knowledge). And because kids (should) spend more time outside, their UV protection is even more relevant!

7) this one sounds very simple, but still really helpful… Many people simply forget to bring their sunglasses with them. And if you don’t have them with you, you can’t wear them! The simple solution is one of those sunglasses cords, or retainers as they are called. You can comfortably wear them around your neck so you don’t forget to bring them.

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