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Good Sunglasses Brands – What Makes Them “Good”?


Nothing is more chic and fashionable than a pair of the trendiest sunglasses. With many different brands available and many still evolving, not all of them are really worth your money and time. You need to focus on those good sunglasses brands that not only make your looks more stylish, trendy, and sophisticated, but that will also up your fashion sense. Whether you prefer a brand with a luxurious appeal or one with a more eco-friendly mindset, here is a list of the 10 best sunglass brands that comprise the best of both.

1.           Andy wolf

This brand of sunglasses is synonymous with uniqueness. From production to design to prototyping, everything about this eyewear is classic. The frames are not only pretty but also sustainable and durable. If you are looking to find the balance between something fashion-forward and a timeless forever piece, then Andy wolf sunglasses are just a great choice.

2.           Ray-Ban

When it comes to creating the most classic and high-end sunglasses that can capture your fashion spirit, Ray-Ban have always been up to the task. The brand creates simple, durable, easy-to-wear sunglasses with a level of craftsmanship not often seen. The company includes lenses with 100% UV protection and that reduces both glare and eyestrain. 

3.           Woodzee Sunglasses

This innovative eyewear brand specializes in producing lavish, top-quality sunglasses. Along with distinctive styles and shapes, the brand’s sunglasses feature stainless steel spring-loaded hinges, comes in frames made from recycled maple wood, and a case made from a recycled circle paper base. You can always get a pair of Woodzee sunglasses that is ultra-cool, durable, lightweight, and ready for an adventure.

4.           Persol sunglasses

Persol is one of the oldest Italian eyewear brand known for producing stylish and durable sunglasses. The brand has a wide range of eyewear, with Steve McQueen Persol 714 as the most popular. Persol sunglasses are a bit expensive, but you will surely get value for what you pay for.

5.           Warby Parker sunglasses

Warby Parker is notable for its wide range of stylish and affordable sunglasses. It offers excellent value for price and all the sunglasses produced come with outstanding quality, distinct frames, and full detailing. Whether you are looking for a sleek, rounded frame, or just a stylish pair of sunglasses that offer a 100% UVA/UVB protection, ensure to include Warby Parker in your consideration.

6.           Panda Sunglasses

Panda is known for her lightweight and stylish sunglasses that are made from high quality, sustainable bamboo. The most amazing thing about the brand is not just in its eco-friendly sunglasses but the eyewear also features a polarized lens that offers 100% protection against UV rays. They are long-lasting, biodegradable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant.

7.           Parafina

Parafina is a lifestyle brand that produces eco-friendly sunglasses. The brand makes its sunglasses from 100% recycled materials, and distinctively create every pair compared to normal sunglasses. The sunglasses are light, resistant, and flexible. You cannot go wrong adding Parafina to your list of best sunglasses brands.


The first and most important thing to consider when looking to buy the best sunglass brand is a tag that shows they block 100% of UV rays. You also need to check the label to find out if your choice of sunglasses brand is fake or genuine. Other things to consider are as follows: 

1.           Cost should not be a factor – Do not be besieged with the cost. The best sunglass does not have to be expensive to provide enough protection to the eyes. Affordable sunglasses marked 100% UV-blocking can be as effective as more costly options.

2.           Durability – Another thing to consider when looking to buy the best sunglass brand is durability. Most sunglasses from reliable brands are made from top-quality materials for superior strength and durability. Materials, such as wood can withhold long use without degradation or losing quality with time. Its durability makes it resistant to heat, water, corrosion, and pollution. Bamboo is also known for its high strength and greater tensile strength than steel.

3.           Sustainability – Eco-friendly sunglasses requires lesser energy than the regular sunglasses made of acetate, plastic, steel, or any other material. This consequently results in a lower environmental impact. If you want to look awesome while helping to save mother earth, make sure you opt for a pair of sustainable sunglasses.

4.           Classiness - Whether you decide to choose sunglasses with a sleek, professional look or a casual street style vibe, eco-friendly sunglasses are fashionable and will complement your fashion sense for any occasion or purpose.

5.           Look enhancement – Your choice of sunglasses must be able to give your outlook a perfect fit without looking like you are trying too hard.

6.           Lens color – Sunglasses come in gray, green, amber lenses, etc, and people choose according to their personal preferences. The lens color has no effect on blocking UV from the sun but can have an effect on the visual contrast. Some think that sunglasses with darker lenses can offer better protection from UV rays, but this is not true. Dark lenses may affect your color perception and are not suitable for every person. Green lenses distort color less than other shades, such as red or yellow. Gray lens may be appropriate since it would not affect your color perception. In general, make sure you choose the best lens color for your pair of sunglasses.

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7.           Versatility – Natural beautiful materials that come in a different pattern, color, and texture variant allows for more possibilities of visual appeal when creating sunglasses. All the usual sunglasses styles you love are available in different natural materials and finishes. They are unique, suitable for any purpose, occasion, or style.

8.           Comfort – Opt for sunglasses that are noticeably more comfortable, without feeling any pressure around the ears, on the nose bridges – contrary to heavier sunglasses.

Final thought

Wearing designer sunglasses is more than putting on sunglasses that won’t fit properly, fall of when active, or slide down your nose. When considering the best sunglass brand, make sure you choose the right frame and the right lenses that fit your face and that will help you get the most protection for your eyes.

By following the tips in this article, you will receive compliments from all your friends and family. The next time you go out to buy a pair of sunglasses, make sure you buy only the best brands to show off your opulence.

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